How To: Sew a Pimped Out Witch Hat

How To: Sew a Pimped Out Witch Hat

Photo Image: Wicked Poster from Wicked, The Musical

Who wouldn't want to dress up if they could arrive at the party wearing an uncomparable witch costume? Last year, Corinne, of Threadbangers posted an unbelievable and well documented tutorial video right here on Curbly of how to make a pimped out wicked witch costume, including the best part--THE HAT. Inspired by Susan Halferty's Elphaba costume, Corinne took it up, and right on over the top. They're good, they're really good.

It was surprising how easy she made it look. I love this hat so much, I may make it just to wear to the store. To skip to the hat, jump into the video about 3/4 of the way through.

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