Wicked Witch Costume

After an awesome interview with Wicked costume designer, Susan Hilferty, Corinne is going to show you how to make an intense witch costume- worthy of the Broadway show!

Wath the full episode HERE!


Wicked Witch Costume

To make the skirt, Corinne took an old long stretchy black dress and cut it across the waist line.

Fold it in half length wise and draw a line down the middle of the back then cut down the line.



Cut a two and half inch strip that is as long as your waist. Fold it in half, pin, iron the fold, and sew it together.

Now pin it to your waist line, right sides together, and sew it on. Fold it up and sew a top stitch along the skirt part. Get out a bunch of old garments that you could cut long strips from and cut a bunch of strips.

Next sew one line of Ruching along the top of each strip. If you need to, go back to Liz Tilley's hat episode to learn how.


Starting at the bottom, sew the ruched strips to the skirt using a zig zag stitch. If the garment you're sewing the strips to is stretchy, stretch the garment as you sew but not the strips. When the strip ends, slightly overlap the next strip on top and keep going.

Start on your next row of ruffles about an inch and half above the previous one. Repeat this process over and over and over again until you reach the top of the skirt. This is a very time consuming process, but worth it.

Once you've finished putting all the ruffles on, put a zipper in the back using Kate's zipper tutorial. Then, you're done with an awesome and fashion forward witch skirt.  


For the top part of the costume, take out an old black long sleeved button up and remove the sleeves using a seem ripper.


Try it on and mark the point where your shoulder ends. Start at that mark and cut along the arm hole down to the arm pit.

Put it on again and pinch and pin to make the shirt fit you better starting at the armpit. Mark and sew along the pin line, then cut off the excess.


Get out your sleeve, remove the cuff and the fabric along the slit. Put it on and mark a point about two inches above the elbow and cut the slit up to that point.

Fold up the bottom of the sleeve about a quarter of an inch and sew.

Now pin the sleeve to the inside of the armhole, starting at the armpit and working your way up to the shoulder. There's going to be some excess sleeve at the top, just make small pleats and pin for a cool effect and sew along the pin line.

Take out some contrasting fabric and measure eighteen inches along the bottom, mark out a triangle shape that's about four inches at the top and long enough to sew along the sides of the slit of the sleeve.

Cut it out and sew hems down both sides.

So each side of the triangle to each side of the slit.

Bunch it together at the top of the slit and sew over the bunch. Then cut off the excess. Repeat this process to the front of the sleeve with a different fabric.

Now put some elastic thread in your bobbin and do a line of shirring above the contrasting sleeve fabric around the entire sleeve. Refer back to the Shirred summer dress episode for the how-to. Next just repeat to the other sleeve, change out the buttons, and you are done with the top.


Now for the Hat. Get some non-fuseable interfacing, you could use think paper but this way it's water proof and durable.

Sew your pieces of interfacing together so you have a piece large enough for a 14 and half inch radius. Cut out the circle and draw a line from the outer point to the middle point. And roll it up to be a cone.


Make sure the bottom is wide enough to fit your head and sew it together to fit this point. Then use your hot glue gun to glue your outer seem close.

Next take out some fabric. Corinne uses an old velvet skirt. Drape it inside out over the hat and pinch and pin along one side.


Sew along the pin line, cut off the excess, turn it right side out and place it over your hat shape. Corinne cuts out another piece of fabric and glues it over the seem but it's not necessary.

Next glue the excess fabric at the bottom to the inside of the cone.

Take some wire and shape circle that has about three inches wider a radius than your cone. Use electric tape to connect the ends.

Place the cone on top of some more fabric and  trace around the cone. Cut out the inside of the circle about two inches in from the outline.

Cut slits all the way up to the outline. Place the wire circle over the fabric. And cut around it about two inches out. Turn the cone upside down. Place the fabric over the bottom of the cone and glue the tabs to the inside.

Turn it right side up and glue bias tape along the outer seem.

Now put your hat structure over the wire and fold your overlapping fabric over the wire. Make sure to pull it very taut and pin it all the way around.

Attach your zipper foot and sew all the way around keeping as close to the wire as possible. Cut the excess off underneath.

Bend the wire up in key spots to add some style. Corinne also adds some lacy fabric and a purple flower.

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