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Sarah on Jun 03, 2010:

Now that's the definition of fantastic. :D


DIY Maven on Oct 23, 2009:

Sorry Chris; none for sale here.

Chris on Oct 22, 2009:

Do you sell these? Can I buy one?

Anonymous on Aug 10, 2009:

I would make the panties and top more like a bathing suite,all in all a very cute idea, people need to get a life this is only a craft. and on her feet make flip flops. would that be non sexual?

Anonymous on Aug 09, 2009:

I thought she was getting undressed to go shower when she was dirty...

Bettina on Aug 08, 2009:

This is so cute!! Where I live, we have a laundry lady or a labandera who washes and irons our clothes. But when I do have my own place, this will definitely be a hit. Really cute. I have to thank Living Locurto for sending me to this site. =)

Screwed Up Texan on Aug 08, 2009:

My husband will definitely think twice before putting the dirty dishes away!

Amy @ Living Locurto on Aug 08, 2009:

This rocks! My husband always has to write a note on a scrap piece of paper and I've been wanting to make something fun. THIS IS PERFECT! LOL! He will love it:-) 

Rebecca on Aug 07, 2009:

I have issues with the whole gender thing, but to make it neutral, have a figure wearing pants and a shirt that has "clean" felt on one side and then "dirty" felt on the other.  So that the felt is patched and/or appearing grubby due to fabric chalk and is noticably dirty... words would help too.

DesigningMom on Aug 07, 2009:

Guess I thought she was taking a bathing cover off to wash it. Hense it being dirty though Maven's and my comments may have steared clear of that. It was all in fun.  

I'm not sure if Mave is married, but I've been married almost thirty years now. Life looks totally different from this side of the fence. I was a complete goody two shoes before I married. Very modest and happy with myself. I deserved and got respect from the young men I dated, so I do see where you are coming from Sully. I too would have been shocked at this then.  

Betenoir on Aug 06, 2009:

sully, I think you're infusing this with your own meaning and interpretation. Personally I saw it as clean when she's dresssed, dirty when she's pulling her dress up to show everyone her undies.

seriously, does everything in the world need a vetting from the PC police?


Sully on Aug 06, 2009:

hey thanks for constructive response, futuregirl!


so you're saying that the message i inferred is the one you intended? i'll admit that i don't think that craft blogs are the best place to debate gender stereotypes, etc., but this really concerns me. you think it's ok to reinforce this message? women rightfully complain about being objectified and made to feel slutty for being sexual, but then unwittingly perpetuate it with stuff like this. yeah, maybe i should lighten up, it is just a joke after all. i'm sure it'll be hilarious when little girls see it and either think that their bodies are dirty.


i'm not trying to start a fuss here, but i think that someone should bring this up.

futuregirl on Aug 06, 2009:

DIY Maven ... Please email me.  I've got a request. :)

futuregirl on Aug 06, 2009:

Lighten up, Sully.

Sully on Aug 06, 2009:

um, i don't think it's just me when i say that i think this is sort of counter-productive. adorable, maybe, to some people. but the idea that a clothed female is clean and an undressed female is dirty? that's the kind of gag i'd expect to see on AskMen.com, not curbly. perhaps that's not what the joke is supposed to be?

DesigningMom on Aug 06, 2009:

Exactly! LOL That's just the way I always hold them on. The sequins, that is. Ha!

DIY Maven on Aug 06, 2009:

.....and to hold them in place seed beads! ;)

Seriously, that would be so funny. 

DesigningMom on Aug 05, 2009:

You know that's just what I was thinking of, but didn't know if I should write that. Ha! I'd put them on backwards to get the right affect.

DIY Maven on Aug 05, 2009:

How about two sequins as pasties??!!! 

DesigningMom on Aug 05, 2009:

Mave this is too cute. I think I left my dirty/clean magnet on the dishwasher at our last home when we moved. Not that I need one, but the guys in our home can never tell clean from dirty dishes. I've been using a magnetic bag clip with a piece of cardboard that gets flipped. Not too pretty. I've loads of felt because I used to make holiday pins for teachers. I can even add some sequins to ours.

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