8 Simple Home Upgrades You Can Do The Day You Move In

8 Simple Home Upgrades You Can Do The Day You Move In

About to move? Do you mostly love your new home, but there are just a few things that are outdated and won't stop bugging you?

Don't worry, you can still love your house in transition. Here are eight simple (and mostly inexpensive) things you can do on (or soon after) move in day to help your house feel more like you.   



1. Upgrade your locks

I know this doesn't have a huge impact on your home, but upgrading your exterior locks will help you immediately feel secure in a new space. You will get your home keys at closing but who knows who has copies of those keys. Upgrading your lock is relatively inexpensive. Here is a great option from Amazon and you can find similar options in all finishes at your local home improvement store. You could splurge on something like the August Smart Lock system and really move your dated house forward a little.

Sometimes adding updates of modern conveniences such as smart home devices can help ease the frustration with your outdated aesthetics.

2. Paint your walls

You probably knew this update was in the list, but its a super inexpensive option with a huge impact on transforming a dated home. If you have to wait on a few renovations, yet the thought of living in a dated house for a year doesn't seem appealing, remember a coat of paint will truly transform the place.

Don't have time or energy to paint the entire house on move in day? Move into your bedrooms and focus in on painting your living room or kitchen. This way the spaces you will inhabit the most will look fresh and you will have a place to rest at night. Painting an entire house takes time people! Knocking out painting bedrooms are always something you can do on free weekends.

Does your old house have a little bit of an old house musty smell? Sometimes that's nothing to do with problems just old carpet and the smell of old. 
8 Simple Upgrades You Can Do The Day You Move In
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3. Have the carpets steam cleaned or professionally cleaned.

If you are moving into a dated house, you will live with the old carpets for a little while. You will be thankful you had the carpets cleaned before move in day. You can do this yourself by renting a carpet steamer or hire a professional service to do so. It will help with pet smells and it will also just make you feel better about walking (or laying on) your older carpet. 

You can often negotiate a professional cleaning into your contract when you are making revisions after your inspections. You can also ask your realtor if a professional cleaner can come in after the seller has moved out and before closing day. 

If there are intense pet or smoke smells in your old house rent an ozone machine to run in your house for a couple of days.

4. Remove Dated Window Treatments

I know a full flight of window dressings can be an expensive replacement, but dated homes often have older, cheap-looking, and usually dark window treatments. Remove them and the house will instantly feel fresher! Will you save up money (or energy) to hang new window treatments, re-use curtains from your last home for windows that need it the most such as treatments for windows that need privacy, kids sleeping, or sun brightness.

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5. Splurge on a House Cleaning Service

You are tired, you have been packing, and you have probably spent time cleaning your current residence for it's new owners or occupants. Give your self a pass and hire a home cleaning service before you move in. Since the house will be empty they will have time to clean inside of kitchen cabinets and really detail out your home. Your house will smell fresh and you will only need to worry about unpacking your things.

Most home seller's will allow this service to happen the day before you move in, or a couple of hours before you close. Just ask your realtor or landlord for permission. If not, schedule the cleaning service right when you get your keys and schedule the moving truck to arrive a couple hours later. 

6. Change out your shower heads

Of course this depends on the type of shower heads but most dated homes have really simple shower head configurations with really dated and crusty shower heads. You don't need a plumber to change out a shower head and they are pretty inexpensive. Taking a shower will feel more "new" even though the tile and bathroom around you is a little dated.

Here is a tutorial from Home Depot on how to change out your shower head.

7. Change Your Fans

If you feel comfortable installing a light fixture then a simple fan update can do wonders for comfort and looks. Outdated homes always have outdated dirty fans. I actually love a white ceiling fan in bedrooms because it just fades away into the ceiling. Here is an inexpensive white ceiling fan from Lowes and one from Amazon. I also love a stylish black fan like the one Cassie put in her master bedroom.

If you don't like doing electrical installs of a new fan, try flipping the blades of your hold fan to the opposite side (which usually had a different color). Thisonly requires a screw driver and a step ladder. Another quick fix is changing out the dated shades and bulbs.


8. Spruce Up Your Front Porch

Make your dated house welcoming by adding a few things to your front porch. Every time you drive up to your new home, even though there might be dated features inside, you will feel a little bit your style taking over.  Here are some simple ideas that could make your front porch look fresh:


  • Add a seasonal wreath
  • Add a new door mat
  • Add some potted plants
  • If you porch is adequately covered take one of your interior benche or chair you have unpacked and add some fun outdoor throw pillows.


  • 8 Simple Upgrades You Can Do The Day You Move In
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It really is the simple things in life that make big differences and I hope these simple fixes help make your house more yours on day one!


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