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How to Make an Envelope for your New Accordion Photo Album

by on Jul 16, 2009

So yesterday I showed you how to make an accordion album. Today is the finishing touch: an envelope in which to keep it or give it. I’ve done all the hard work (made a PDF), so it really couldn’t be easier.

What you’ll need:

  • some heavy weight card stock or poster board (leftovers from yesterday)
  • small hole punch (the same one you used yesterday)
  • two brads (like the one you used yesterday)
  • a bit of sturdy string (waxed jute might work better, now that I think about it)
  • a bit of acid-free tape or glue
  • this PDF

What you’ll do:

Print out the PDF; cut out the shape and transfer to your card stock or poster board.

Fold on the dashed lines.

Punch holes where indicated.

created at: 2009-07-16

Tie the string onto one of the brads. You might want to put a dot of acid-free glue on your knot so it doesn’t come undone. 

created at: 2009-07-16

Slip two pieces of scrap card stock under the head of the brad and bend back its pins.

created at: 2009-07-16

Pop the other brad into the other hole, putting two pieces of card stock under its head and bend back its pins. Remove the scraps.


Use some acid-free tape or glue a couple of scraps of card stock to cover the pin stems. This will prevent them from marking up your lovely little album.

Fold your envelope together, sides in first, then bottom. Slip in your accordion photo album and then fold down the top flap. Wind the string around the bottom brad and up again, figure-8 style. 

Your album is now ready for transport! 

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