Spacy bed

Just imagine, at the push of a button you can turn one room into another: Simply transform your bedroom into your livingroom.

If you live in a very small apartment this might be the solution you are looking for. A bed that you can hide in the ceiling when it's not in use.



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rams on Feb 07, 2012:

is it costs too much........? can u tell me the details of price.......


WT on Mar 11, 2011:

can we DIY it ourselves?

WT on Mar 11, 2011:

can we DIY it ourselves?

Fae Knight on Jul 21, 2010:

I want to build a small house along the lines of the "tiny house" or "not so big house" that emphasizes dual purposing of rooms. Having the bed hidden in the ceiling during the day and lowering it at night is a perfect. One of the things I like about this design is that the back of the settee also serves as the headboard of the bed (this particular design isn't the best - the other option that is on the flying bed website is much nicer looking).  I've been looking for a DIY option for this. This bed mechanism is made in Germany, weighs 900 pounds and requires a single phase 220v connection. Oh, and just the mechanism alone is over $29K!!! Not green, local OR affordable!!!  It does have a sensor that detects if there is more than 20lbs over the "empty" weight of the bed (mechanism plus mattress) so you can't close yourself up in it. Although it would be a good place to hide if the soffit was made deeper.

michele on Jun 26, 2010:

Absolutely Amazing!!! Do you have instructions? I would love to build this!!!

betteroffted on Apr 09, 2007:

I hope this is an action shot of an attempt to flatten that ugly goffee table.

sparkie on Jan 07, 2007:

Wonder if they have a safety feature w/ sensor that reverses if someone is still in there, like a garage door.

What if someone "forgot" to wake up their significant other before making bed.

jflogo on Jan 05, 2007:

wow crazy idea, tho seems a bit extreme, futon anybody?  definatly something to show guests 

Senseless on Jan 05, 2007:

That would work well in those Katrina cottages.

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