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Make A Laptop Messenger Bag

by on Jul 26, 2008

Made from Anthropologie-looking fabric, the Laptop Messenger Bag has  a smooth chocolate brown recycled leather strap (from an Ann Taylor skirt) and a back pocket cut out of a recycled bomber jacket.  To be perfectly honest, I did take the outside pocket right off of my original Placemat Hack: Flaptop Laptop Cover.  This handy messenger version is easy to carry, quilted on the inside and has the added details of topstitching and that fabulous button.  Additionally, I added a layer of quilt batting in the strap so it’s easy on the shoulder.  The outside pocket is there for CD’s or a power cord. 


created on: 07/26/08

It’s an easy to make pattern that will be available as a PDF download on my blog, or you can make your own.  This is an abbeviated tutorial.  Post comments or questions.

The stuff you need for this messenger bag:

  • 1/2 yard of attention getting fabric
  • 1/2 yard of quilted fabric
  • Leather goods for strap and pocket
  • scissors
  • thread
  • sewing machine

The basic steps:

  1. Determine the length of the strap you need to go around bag and cross over your shoulder.
  2. Cut and attach interfacing to strap using spray fabric adhesive.
  3. Cut outside fabric pieces according to the size of your laptop
  4. Stitch outside of bag front to strap

created on: 07/26/08

Center and stitch recycled pocket on outside of back of bag.

created on: 07/26/08

Stitch other side of bag to strap

Cut quilted lining fabric pieces the same dimensions of your bag.

Stitch lining fronts and backs together and insert into bag, wrong sides to wrong sides.

created on: 07/26/08

Fold top of bag and top of lining over 1″ and press

Cut, add batting, stitch, turn right side out and machine quilt the flap

created on: 07/26/08

Insert flap between back piece of bag and back lining of bag, pin.

Pin the entire top of lining to bag all the way around the top edge of bag.  Topstitch everything in place 1/4″ from edge.

created on: 07/26/08


created on: 07/26/08


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