Refurbish Appliances With Stainless Steel Contact Paper

Still jonesing for stainless, but can't quite commit to painting your boring white kitchen appliances? Then take an even less permanent approach, and cover 'em with stainless steel contact paper!

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Use stainless steel contact paper to update appliances.
Photo: Fourth Wall Interiors


Grab a toothbrush, an effective cleaning solution, a stiff card, and your contact paper, and say goodbye to your harvest gold, awful cream, or ugly 90s black refrigerator, dishwasher, stove and microwave.

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Anonymous on Feb 24, 2014:

If you google contact brand, the stainless paper is available on their website.

I have never used it, but if it works, that would be amazing!

Ansley on Nov 02, 2012:

will this come off? for rentals?

Anonymous on Feb 28, 2012:


Anonymous on Jan 14, 2012:

Go to a custom printing company, shouldn't be a problem, gl


Chris Gardner on Jul 13, 2011:

Maren - There's actually a link in the article above. Enjoy!

Maren Wryn on Jul 13, 2011:

I hav e searched for weeks for exactly what you speak of  - stainless steel contact paper.  No one has ever heard of it, yet the pictures you provide predict that this is a product that (a) exists and (b) should be readily available.  Have you any informtion about how one would come into possession of stainless steel contact paper?  I'm desparte!

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