Jonesing for Stainless


Jonesing for Stainless

Do you feel the need for stainless but don’t have the bucks to replace all your kitchen appliances? Thomas’ Kitchen Art Inc. has come up with a relatively cheap alternative to achieve the look you desire. Enter Liquid Stainless Steel. The brush on "paint" is 100% stainless and automotive grade. A large project kit, which includes "everything you need to transform an average size refrigerator, range and dishwasher," will set you back $139. They also offer a small kit for 9 bucks, which covers approximately 6 square feet. You know what that means...no more brass doorknobs! 

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megrockstar on Mar 19, 2007:

i love this


Keter on Jan 11, 2007:

Also see http://www.alsacorp.com. LOTS of exotic paints, veneers, etc.

I'll be using their "FX Sheeting" in my kitchen re-do this summer for sure.

Cracker on Jan 11, 2007:

Very cool. I tried a similar product in my old house on the built-in dishwasher and trash compactor - it worked GREAT. It definitely takes a little patience to apply, but I was very happy with the results. What I liked about this was that the finish is completely smooth and I didn't have to paint anything.


sparkie on Jan 11, 2007:

Has anyone out there tried this........Liquid Stainless Steel?

jcarracher on Jan 11, 2007:

That's pretty interesting. I wonder what it looks like for real...

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