Basement ceilings (Polystyrene tiles - cheap and dirty)

Hey everyone,

Recently we moved into new house . And I decided to build a new office for myself in the basement (working from home - dreams come true :-)

It will take a while before we'll finish the whole basement , but for now I just found a nice corner to start from. The walls, floors - everything was done traditional way . The last thing was to decide what to do with the ceilings. One option was to install the drop tiles, but since my ceilings aren't too high I didn't want to lose a couple of inches of my space. The other option was to drywall it - didn't want to spend my time on sanding the joints and killing myself trying to make it straight. So here is what I did :


created on: 06/04/08

Thin plywood sheets (about $5 a piece ad I used 5 of those) - just screwed them up.

created on: 06/04/08

Snapped a chalk line through the main focal point in this room - the light fixture.

created on: 06/04/08

Using only those tools (Ceramic Wall tile adhesive, utility knife and putty knife) installed Polystyrene ceiling tiles

created on: 06/04/08

All the tiles were installed within 3 1/2 hours by myself (and it took some time later to silicone the joints to make them look nicer).

Here is what I got at the end :

created on: 06/04/08


The part two of my job will be to install the nice crown moldings (the pictures will follow).

Thank you for your time.



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incubus_of_habit on Jun 06, 2008:

"so tell me what is wrong with it?"

You are free to advertise your product any way you see fit. If Curbly is fine with it, go for it.

For me, though, it smells like blog spam when it's not made obvious up front. I'm just suggestion you maybe mention that to avoid that.


thedecoratingdiva on Jun 05, 2008:

Look's fabulous. I'm with Bruno I'd love that done in my home, too.




faust on Jun 05, 2008:

To Incubus:

And what exactly is your problem? In my profile I gave an exact explanation of what I'm doing for living, I didn't push anyone to buy - just showed the results of my own work, so tell me what is wrong with it?


To Becky :

You can find it anywhere from $1 to $1.5 per sq.ft.


bruno on Jun 05, 2008:

@Faust: no big deal... I think it would just be a good idea to mention on the post that you're affiliated with the product. Thanks for posting!

bruno on Jun 04, 2008:

Yeah, nice catch Incubus

@Faust: in general it's best to just be up front and let us know if you're promoting a product.

incubus_of_habit on Jun 04, 2008:

Nice post, but it'd be nice if it were a bit more obvious you were advertising your own product.

DesigningMom on Jun 04, 2008:

Great job you did. Very neat for a basement. About how much cost per sq ft?

~Becky <><

bruno on Jun 04, 2008:

Wow, that looks great. Can you come over and do my basement?

DIY Maven on Jun 04, 2008:

Very nice!

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