Bad looking, stained ,old drop ceilings? Faux Tin ceiling tiles is the perfect solution

Hello everyone! 

On the pictures below you can see the interior of "Pan" restaurant in the heart of Greek-town in Toronto. First picture was made on Wednesday (two days ago), the second on Thursday (yesterday).


 Before  (Wednesday, May 30,2007)                                                                                          

Bad looking, stained ,old drop ceilings? Faux Tin ceiling tiles is the perfect solution

 After(Thursday,May 31,2007)

Quite a difference, right?  Here how it was done :

We just bought new ceiling tiles from Home Depot (the cheapest ones). Normally we use the old drop tiles but those in the restaurant were in really bad shape and we couldn't use them .

 Then we glued TalissaDecor's tin look ceiling tiles on the big 2x4 Home Depot's tiles with PL 700

(Two TalissaDecor's tiles on one HomeDepot's tile . Joint between two tiles we glued with contact cement):

All the grids in the restaurant were sprayed with Copper paint :

 And finally all old tiles were replaced one by one : 


Old crappy chandeliers were also changed and here we are :-)

Thanks for looking. 


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Faust on Feb 08, 2010:

The price per tile is about $7.99 ( which is $2 per sq.ft.) It is way less than using Home Depot's products.

Lisa on Feb 04, 2010:

I'd like to know how much this cost as I dont think it's at all really what you would call cheap. Those sheets of tile sell for around $24.98 at Home Depot for one sheet of tile. NOT CHEAP TO ME!

Knowing the cost would less others decide if it's a doable price.

Gary on Dec 21, 2009:

Impressive - what was the final cost ?

bruno on Jun 12, 2007:

That's amazing! Great work!

DesigningMom on Jun 01, 2007:

WOW from boring to beautiful!

Melsky on Jun 01, 2007:

Very big improvement.  It's surprising how much difference that makes.

Caya123 on Jun 01, 2007:

That's pretty sharp!

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