Beautiful DIY Kiragami Card

created on: 03/11/08
Last month, my best friend took me out to lunch for my birthday. She gave me one of the most unique and beautiful birthday cards ever. Surprisingly she told me she made it herself. Now she has always been a "Martha Stewart" type, doing lots of fun crafty projects, but this card was different. So I asked her what inspired her? She smiled anticipating the question, knowing I would be impressed. She told me that she actually downloaded the pattern she bought online, after seeing a video on YouTube. I was excited.

After lunch, I rushed home back to my computer and searched YouTube. After scrolling through a bunch of DIY pop-up cards and origami videos, I finally found it. I went to the web site and found out that they had twelve patterns, actually thirteen. If I bought twelve at once, I would get a Verbena Butterfly pattern for free. And you can download a Water Lily pattern for free if you join their club. So I did.

The freebee pattern took two sheets of card-stock paper to make. The only card stock paper I had was my Epson Matte Heavyweight paper. I figure that would work. I printed out the pattern and followed the 8 step photo instructions and I was hooked. So I went back to web site and bought the set of twelve patterns.

created on: 03/11/08
For the next hour, I believe I made all thirteen of the patterns. With cut paper all around me, I used up all my Epson paper that I usually save for full-color printouts. But I couldn’t wait.

When I first came about Curbly last month, I really enjoyed reading articles from creative people like berryberr, diy maven and chrisjob. I like anything or anybody creative, but I found myself stumped on what to write about on my own blog.

I've always liked playing around with origami, I could do the “crane,” the “fortune-teller thing” and the ninja star. I’ve even bought books on origami, kiragami and even pop-up. But this was different. The designs were unpretentious, sophisticated and elegant. Definitely something to write about for my first Curbly post.

If you want to check it out you their web site is http://www.easycutpopup.com.

The YouTube video is at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24nPyaxErUU



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Karen Wilson on Aug 11, 2013:

I am I love with this amazing /beautiful card and to are going straight away to download the patton.

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