Cool NEW Doors for your Mid-Century Modern Crib

Cool NEW Doors for your Mid-Century Modern Crib
Vintage modern homeowners interested in restoring their mid-century modern home have typically been very limited when it comes time to replace or restore the front door and/or door hardware that originally came with their home.  

Unfortunately, the pre-drilled doors or blanks sold at big-chain hardware stores or your local hardware store don't blend well with the aesthetic of an Eichler home or any retro ranch style home built in the 1950s and 1960s.

created at: 06/14/2010
The good news is that an Austin-based company (Crestview Doors) appears to have picked up on the market need for mid-century modern doors and we now have a source for cool retro doors!

Check out their custom-built, mid-century front doors at Crestview Doors.   Kudos to David Erwin and others at Crestview Doors who developed a hip solution for vintage modern homeowners!

Photo Credit: Crestview Doors, Fontenot Model Door

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Dave on Jan 22, 2010:

TM Cobb sells relatively similar doors. I ordered one with 3 reeded diamond windows, similar to Crestview's Piedmont doors. Cobb's doors are built like tanks and very, very inexpensive. 

tmgeorgo on Sep 14, 2007:

Yikes, those things are pricey!  Good if you must have one with windows, but a simple flat slab door painted the right color is always a good, proper option.

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