Amazing Lego Sculptures.

Lego artist Nathan Sawawa was the guest last night on The Colbert Report. Stephen, of course, teased about nerdiness and a childish choice of medium, but I'm pretty convinced this guy's got it down. Of course, we've all seen email forwards of scales models of the Eiffel Tower, or life-size Darth Vader helmets, but Sawaya's work transcends such attempts. Those are really great Lego projects. Sawaya's sculptures seem more like art that happen to be made of Legos.

Build on.


Amazing Lego Sculptures.








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BrokenFingersArt on Aug 31, 2007:

The first one is incredible. Makes me want to go get some legos...

locamama on Aug 21, 2007:

Those are so cool. Wouldn't that be an awesome job to build with legoes all day?  I've been to the lego shop at Downtown Disney in FL and they have some great sculptures but I haven't ever made it to legoland in Cali yet. 

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