How To: Arm Knit Blankets and Scarves and Wraps...Oh, My!


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This Christmas all the little nieces and nephews get hand crafted gifts. Most of last week was devoted to making them. Which makes a DIY arm knit blanket all the more appealing as it can be completed in an hour. But what is "arm knitting" you might ask? Basically, it's regular knitting in which you substitute your arms  for needles. And it's PERFECT for beginners. As you can imagine, arms in needle terms are big. Really big. And that's exactly the reason we can whip one of these bad boys out in an hour. Simply Maggie, an arm knitting expert, explains the entire how-to in the video below. For written instructions, visit this page on Simply Maggie. 

Below is a pic of the finished project. Squishy! ç
arm knit blanket complete
Photo: Simply Maggie


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Simply Maggie's 2nd knit scarf
Photo: Simply Maggie


If you're intimidated by the thought of having your arms bound up for 45+ minutes, how about making a 30 minute arm-knit infinity scarf? This completed project is from Handimania.
arm knit infinity scarf
Photo: Handimania


Or how about something in between like a wrap?? This one comes form Yarnspirations where Vickie Howel is the go-to queen of arm knitting. Besides this tutorial, she also offers a collection of How To Arm Knit videos on the site too
arm knit wrap
Photo: Arm Knit Wrap




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