Roundup: 10 Amazing DIY Painted Rug Projects

Rugs are expensive meaning the painted rug trend is a strong force out there in the design and DIY world. Some of these rugs are pretty amazing...maybe even better than you can find in a store. Today, I thought I would share a few of my favorite DIY painted rug projects. Maybe you could try one of these in your own home.   

 1. I am in awe of the black and white rug shown above. I am not sure you could buy a rug as cool as this one. This will take some serious painters tape patience, but the "pay off" is huge. Check out Holly's tutorial on Design Sponge.


2. This huge rug is a large creme colored carpet remnant painted with upholstery spray paint. This "how to" is over at the DIY Network.


melba13 via gviquez

3. This water color painted rug is inspiration for all you seriously talented artists out there. Take a plain ole' carpet remnant or rug and use it as your canvas. I could never accomplish this but I know a few people in my life that could.


4. Okay, let's bring it down a skill level, or two....or three. This adorable rug is made with a Sharpie, some fabric paint, and a stencil. This is a DIY rug anyone can tackle.




5.  Over-dyed rugs are the trend. This rug DIY by Sweet Paul Magazine takes an old rug and uses Rit fabric dye to transform it. I can't stop thinking about how genius this is... [Photo: Sweet Paul Mag]


6. To create this pattern, this creative DIYer from Provident Home Design used ripped out (headed to the dumpster) floor tiles and shoe molding. This is perfect for those, like me, whose patience for painter's tape is not as strong as others. Check out her "how to" here.


7.  If you are not up to the full painted rug DIY, then just add a little color to a pre-existing patterned rug. Cassity over at Remodelaholic was looking for a navy, white, and pink rug for her daughter's room but couldn't find one she liked. Always resourceful, she found a navy and white patterned rug she loved and added some pink paint. Check out the tutorial here.


8. DIY Kilim rugs have easy patterns with big results. Check out this DIY over on The Gold Jelly Bean.


9. Stripes are always an achievable pattern for painted rugs. The inexpensive outdoor rug is a great canvas for a fun rug. Check out the "how to" for this rug here.


 10. This adorable rug is made with an inexpensive runner, a stencil, and black fabric paint. This little rug makes a big statement!


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