Seriously Awesome Mid-Century Modern Furniture and Accessories You Can Actually Afford

by on Aug 1, 2016

Shopping Guide: Mid Century Furniture and Acessories

I love buying vintage furniture and I often am asked where to look for affordable mid-century furniture and decor. Today I will share with you all the places I look to shop for vintage and reproductions of great MCM pieces. 

Vintage Mid-Century Sofas:

Shopping Guide: Mid Century Furniture and AcessoriesGusto’s

1. Chairish

I always check Chairish for vintage mid century sofas. They have both high-end and affordable options. I like Chairish better than Ebay for all vintage sofas because Chairish has shipping options and most items are returnable. Search Charish for MCM with these sorting options: furniture, sofa, midcentury, and $-$$$.

1.  Vintage Pearsall Sofa – $779 

2. Vintage Black Leather Sofa – $550

3. Vintage McCobb Sofa – $800

4.  Vintage Tufted Sofa – $1,166

Pros: You get great pieces in good condition. You can negotiate price and even shipping.

Cons: Sometimes the lower priced pieces have flaws and need upholstery. You are limited in your color choice.


Shopping Guide: Mid Century Furniture and Acessories

1. Craigslist: The above photo is a sofa in my area. The best finds are from personal sellers not dealers. They often need a little love but at prices like $145 they are steals.

2. Estate Sales: You’ve got to be patient and go often but they can be found. 

3. Etsy: This option has pricier sofas and usually don’t provide shipping. I always look here because if you search your area, you’re likely to find local stores who have Etsy shops.

Get it: $285 at SimplyChi


Estate Sale Tip: Look for sales in neighborhoods with homes built in 1970 or earlier. These are the sales where you might find good MCM finds.

Vintage Mid-Century Sofa Reproductions:


Shopping Guide: Mid Century Furniture and Acessories

These are my favorite places to look for reproductions. All of these places have different styles of mid-century sofas and a variety of different colors.

2. Joybird: Very true to style.  Preston Sofa – $1,199

2. West Elm: Great options and sales. Peggy Midcentury Sofa – $1,099

3. Article: High quality & good prices. Cirrus Sofa – $999

4. Overstock: Most affordable options. Modway Verve Sofa – $763 

Vintage Mid-Century Chairs:


Shopping Guide: Mid Century Furniture and Acessories

Online affordable vintage chairs often need reupholstering. The good news is that the design of a MCM chair typically needs minimal or simple upholstery therefore being much more affordable to recover than a sofa.

1. ChairishSort $-$$$ for affordable options. $225 on Chairish

2. Craigslist: Depends on the area, but worth looking.

3. Ebay: shipping is more affordable on chairs. $300 on Ebay

4. Etsy: more shipping options on accent chairs here. $30 on Etsy

5. Estate Sales: Check out your local sales and be patient. I found the above chairs for $36 a pair, but it took me two years of searching.

Mid-Century Chair Reproductions:


Shopping Guide: Mid Century Furniture and Acessories


Mid-century chair reproductions are everywhere these days. Most major stores are making affordable options available. Here are some of my favorite:

1. Ikea: Mellby Armchair – $279

2. World Market: Xander Armchair – $279 

3. Overstock:  Cruz Mid Century Chair – $324

4. Target:  Sullivan Mid Century Chair – $279  

Vintage Mid-Century Dressers:


Shopping Guide: Mid Century Furniture and Acessories

Mid-century vintage dressers are often hard to find affordably online. Here are the three places I check for affordable options.

1. Chairish: The affordable options are limited. $175 Drexel Heritage

2. Craigslist: Search “dresser” instead of mid-century because you don’t want to miss the items personal sellers don’t know to list as MCM.

3. Estate Sales: I see them often in my area. You need to go on the first day of a sale because these sell faster.

Vintage Mid-Century Dresser Reproductions:


Shopping Guide: Mid Century Furniture and Acessories

Brand new MCM-style dressers can be pricey too but here are my favorite affordable options.

1. Overstock: Vilas 4-Drawer Dresser – $294

2. TargetPorter Mid Century Dresser – $429

3. Ikea: Oppland Dresser Series – $249

Vintage Mid-Century Dining Tables:


Shopping Guide: Mid Century Furniture and Acessories

The most affordable options for dining tables are local estate sales, Craigslist, and even thrift stores. Vintage dining tables, in good condition, are pricey online. Here were the few I found.

1. Chairish:  Chairish – $349

2. Etsy:  Clark Modern – $600

3. Craigslist: (Picture shown from the midwest area)

Vintage Mid-Century Table Reproductions:


Shopping Guide: Mid Century Furniture and Acessories


Honestly, there are so many reproductions are out there, that this section might be the most affordable option to get the MCM look. Here are some shopping ideas:

1. Article: High quality but a little pricier.  Conan Oval Dining Table – $599

2. World Market: limited options but affordable.  Flynn Hairpin Dining Table – $449 

3. Ikea: There is always a MCM option here.  Nornas Dining Table – $199

4. All Modern: a wide variety of options.  Manon Dining Table – $519

Vintage Mid-Century Accessories:


Shopping Guide: Mid Century Furniture and Acessories


The vintage and new MCM accessories are affordable everywhere. Here are places to find them.

1. White Pepper:  Etsy – $74

2. Luola:  Etsy – $68

3. Modcloth:  My favorite vintage accessory shop  Modcloth – $34

4. Urban Outfitters: More updated MCM finds  Urban Outfitters – $98

5. Wise Apple: Etsy – $24

6. Thrift Store and Estate Sales: Here you can find items for less than $5. Where do you think all these Etsy sellers buy their items?

Vintage Buying Tips: Before searching “MCM”, “Mid-Century”, or “Danish Modern” simply type the item you are searching (ex: “sofa”) on Craigslist. Many personal sellers don’t know what they have, and you don’t want to miss these usually low-priced items.
Shopping Guide: Mid Century Furniture and Acessories

I hope this helps you find the mid-century piece you’re looking for! An even more affordable option for mid-century is DIY. Check out this Roundup of great MCM DIYs on Curbly.

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    Some great suggestions here! I’d add some Etsy sellers (and online sellers with their own websites) actually do offer free shipping. That can be a big advantage, especially if you’re looking at larger pieces like dining tables or dressers.