Roundup: 10 Ways to Make Your Bed

If you are like me, you "pin" tons of bedroom pictures simply because the styled bed makes you want to dive in and take a nap...yet your own bed never seems to look that way. It's time to change that. Your bed deserves to be a restful refuge. Here are a few different ways you can make your bed so its stylish, relaxing, and functional.   


1. Double Quilt

Forgo the duvet cover and make your bed with two quilts. This is perfect for the full wooden or iron bed frame.

2. Matching Bedskirt and Matching Bed linens

The way to make a metal framed bed look expensive is to match a non-pleated bedskirt and the bed linens to the same color. Doing this will make your bed look like its upholstered. Throw a bed-sized blanket over the bed's end and add color with tons of pillows. The pillows used for slepping are stacked and provide a great backdrop for the throw pillows.

Tip: If you have a statement rug in your bedroom, choosing neutral bedding helps it stand out.

3. Unique Bed + Neutral Linens

You don't buy a unique bed to hide behind the linens and pillows. If you have a really unique and fun bed, make it stand out. Jenny from Little Green Notebook uses white bedding and very few pillows to allow the bed to be center stage. Adding one long lumbar pillow ties it all together.

4.  Tucked in Quilt + Folded Duvet

Most people cover their bed with a duvet cover and fold a quilt at the bottom. If you mostly are a hot sleeper why not switch it? 

Urban Outfitters

5. Neutral Coverlet Only + Large Throw Pillows

If you hate taking the time to fold and tuck to make your bed, then use coverlet. If you need more warmth a coverlet can even go on top of a blanket or comforter. A simple coverlet looks good on platform beds and metal beds with or without a headboard.

Tip: If you don't like all white bedding but love the serene neutral look, try the look with light striped bedding.
SF Bay Girl via Pinterest

6.  Mix Match Patterns and Pillows

If you are more eclectic, like me, you might want to mix it up and let nothing match. Just remember the simple rule of every color or style of pattern needs a partner. This type of bedding works when you have a neutral bed. 

Tip: Three oversized throw pillows can sub in as a headboard if you don't have one.

7. Match All Pillows

Instead of mixing patterns match them. Using rectangular bed-sized pillows and shams allows a curved headboard to stand out in the back.

10 Ways to Make your Bed

8. Duvet Cover + Throw Pillows

If you are a minimalist when it comes to bedding what about a simple duvet cover not turned down? This is also a very easy way to make a bed. Duvet covers are easy ways to add some fun pattern into your bedroom like this bedroom makeover from Curbly.

Tip: If you have a taller bed or a thick mattress and box spring buy a duvet cover one size up so your box spring won't show. 

9. Brightly Patterned Duvet Cover, Lightly Patterned Sheet, and Neutral Throw

If you love bright patterns but not too much of them, then tone it down with a neutral throw folded once over the bed. Use the matching duvet pillows to continue the pattern but break it up by turning down a lightly patterned sheet in coordinating color.

The Reverse Works: You can add pattern by folding a patterned duvet over a neutral blanket. I did this in my guest bedroom makeover.

10. Double Folded Duvet.

If you need two duvets and love the ultra modern European look, try folding each duvet where each person sleeps. I like how the blanket at the end ties it all together.

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In my opinion, you should make your bed with the things YOU need to sleep in your bed. Figure out what you sleep best with and go style your bed. Which one works for you?

Want more bedroom inspiration? Check out this Curbly post here.



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Jennifer Farley on May 26, 2016:

Love all these! Love the youtube clip too. I am a quilt/coverlet with a duvet folded at the end kind of gal...ready for all seasons.

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