Roundup: 10 DIY Dining Tables that are Easy To Make

I like to buy furniture, but there is something to be said about building your own. Each time I look at a handmade piece, I beam with pride. And we actually followed the instructions for one of the dining tables below and it's lasted for years! Read on to find one of 10 fantastic DIY dining tables with easy-to-follow instructions! 



DIY Dining Tables
Photo: Hello Lidy

1. A door! Turn a door into your table! via Hello Lidy


2. Herringbone is easier than you think. via Rogue Engineer


3. Gather up the wood pallets! This table is pretty simple! via Lana Red Studio

4. Okay, so this one is a workdesk, but could easily translate into a dining table from a sawhorse! via Brooklyn Limestone

DIY Dining Tables
Photo: Hello Lidy

5. Give me all the marble! Even if it is just spray paint in disguise! via Hello Lidy

6. A farmhouse table can really stand the test of time. via Rogue Engineer

7. My personal favorite, and the plans we followed for our current dining table, this modern beauty! via A Beautiful Mess

8. A true classic. White base with a rustic brown top. via Our Vintage Home Love 

DIY Dining Tables
Photo: Honeybear Lane

9. Look at this one with a bench! Brunch parties everyday. via Honeybear Lane

10. I love everything about this one and the step-by-step is easy to follow! via Amber Interiors 

DIY Dining Tables

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