Roundup: 10 Cord Clutter Solutions To Buy or DIY

My husband and I regularly fight over the cable management system (or lack thereof) in our home. It's bad. Cords are everywhere. We just haven't made our way to storing everything in "the cloud", and even still, some things will always need a cord. Here are 10 solutions for the inevitable cord clutter! 


1. Wrap them in leather! via Right Where I Left Off

2. Make an entire pouch dedicated to cords for your iPad or iPhone! via The Wonder Forest


3. Give a simple cord a pretty facelift by wrapping it in string! via Raju Design Blog

Cord clutter solutions
Photo: Monsters Circus

4. This simple leather solution might just be my fave. via Monsters Circus

5. Identify your cords when they're in a jumbled mess! via Dabbles & Babbles

cord clutter solutions
Photo: Idlewife

6. Keep your headphones untangled in the sweetest way. Literally. via Idlewife

cord clutter solutions
Photo: Emoh

7. Stick your cords inside this dinosaur and thread them through the small slots. via Emoh

8. I love this hidden storage solution for bathroom accessories! via Simple Solved Innovations

cord clutter solutions
Photo: Amazon

9. Keep things looking slim with this cable management sleeve! via Amazon

cord clutter solutions
Photo: The Chic Site

10. Don't fear the motherboard. via The Chic Site


cord clutter solutions

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