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DIY Valentine Bouquet Wraps + Printable Love Quotes

by on Feb 2, 2021

Even if Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing, flowers should be. And if Valentine’s Day is your thing (it’s definitely mine), then you’re going to love this DIY project. We put together a simple way to present your blossoms to your boo, your bestie, or your bae. And, we’ve added a few free! printable! adornments you can add to your bouquet. Read on to find out how.


Valentine's Day wrapped bouquet printable

  • Flowers – Pick your favorites! We chose tulips, spray roses, and ranunculus
  • Brown kraft paper or paint masking paper– It’s classic and versatile and stunning with ribbon (are you humming the line, Brown paper packages, tied up with string. These are a few of my favorite things…? I am!)
  • Mylar tissue paper
  • Ribbon and baker’s twine
  • Scissors + washi tape
  • Optional: If you want to dress up your kraft paper, grab some paints and a brush and paint the town (brown?) red. We did quick Xs and Os, lips, and hearts.
  • Printable tags – These are your final touch!   Download the PDF here!


Make pretty patterns on your brown craft paper

Add a few simple designs to your brown kraft paper. I did Xs & Os, lips, hearts, and arrows using acrylic craft paint.


Trim the paper to clean up any ragged edges.
Ready to wrap your bouquets

Trip your kraft paper to size. You’ll only need about a foot for a small bouquet like the ones I made.


Line your kraft paper with mylar and wrap your bunch. Don’t worry about making it look perfect. A simple wrap that’s tighter at the bottom and more open at the top looks great.

Tie your bouquets
Wrap the bouquest in mylar


Add a ribbon to the outside of your wrapped bouquet. 

Finish the bouquet with a ribbon


Print out the free PDF bouquet tags and cut them to size. Attach tags to your bundle with a strip of washi tape.

Quotation is on the flower bouquet contain pink flowers and tulips.
hand painted wrapped Valentine's bouquest
Valentine's bouquest
Quote bouquet
Quote bouquet

What are your favorite Valentine’s Day DIY projects?

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