Printable Storage Labels to Help You Get Organized

Printable Storage Labels to Help You Get Organized

There's nothing quite like kickstarting the year with an orderly house or office space don't you think? I find it sets a positive tone for the months ahead and helps me get into the right frame of mind for all the opportunities (and challenges!) the year might bring.

 And while there are lots of ways to get organised, one of my favourite methods is categorising and sorting. Which is how these printable labels came to be!



Tidying up may sound boring, but trust me, this one's a fun printable because you can change up the words on each label to whatever takes your fancy!

To begin, download the printable jar storage label file and open it in Adobe Acrobat or Reader (I think it works in Mac Preview too). You'll see that there are three pages of labels - the first page is for your pantry, the second page is for your office and the third page is for your gardening items (like seeds and bulbs).

Once you've downloaded and opened the file, simply type the names of the items you'll be labelling in the spaces provided.

Then print out the labels onto sheets of letter-sized label paper, cut them out with a pair of scissors and stick them on your jars.

And that's it! Easy as pie right?

Because my jars were small and square, I stuck the labels at base of each one, but of course you can stick them anywhere. If you have larger jars, try affixing the labels to the lids or smack bang in the centre of the jar rather than at the base for a totally different look.

Or perhaps stick the labels on something else altogether! I used them on envelopes to store seeds for my garden, and also on boxes to hold my ribbon and twine.

And yes, I realise these labels are paper and therefore aren't permanent, but they're still super handy for labelling jars that you don't wash often or for items that you won't wash at all, like your stationery!


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