5 Tips for Organizing Your Drawers in the New Year


5 Tips for Organizing Your Drawers in the New Year

Is "being more organized" one of your new year's resolutions? With all resolutions, saying it is easy, but doing it can be....also easy! Especially when following some practical advice. In this post, we're going to tackle drawer organization. From dressers drawers to shop drawers to kitchen drawers, these 5 tips will help you start and keep "being more organized" now and throughout the year. But don't just read and dash! Stick around to watch some how-to videos that just might change your life.

(They did mine. Seriously.)


  • Even before you start to organize, think about the space. What REALLY belongs in this drawer? Do the wayward office supplies really belong  in the silverware drawer?


  • Empty the drawer completely. (Seriously, don't work around the mess that's already in there. It'll make the job much more manageable.)
  • Designate 2 separate piles. Put that which actually belongs in the drawer in one pile and that which doesn't in the other. Put the latter pile in a box or bin to move to more appropriate spaces/drawers. 


  • From the belong pile, sort likes with likes. That means his from hers, pens from paperclips, dress socks from casual socks, screwdrivers from hammers. You get the idea.


  • Access the sorted stuff. Is it broken? Does it still fit? Do you still use it? Throw out what's expired. Fix or mend what you can, if you'd like or throw/recycle it. If the item doesn't fit or you don't use it/wear it, donate it. 
  • Access quantity. Ask yourself, "How many--fill in the blank--do I really need?" If the number is less that what you have, donate the excess. 


  • After quickly cleaning the inside of the drawer with a damp cloth, if necessary, you might want to consider lining the drawer for a fresh start. Pretty paper may encourage you to keep the drawer tidy. Another option, of course, is adding an organizer--either store bought or DIY. These are particular good for keeping tools and supplies in order. If the you choose to buy an organizer, make sure you take measurements of the drawer's interior before you go to shopping. 
  • Fill organizer/drawer keeping likes with likes. 

Those are the bullet points from getting from messy to tidy. Sounds easy, right? They are, but for drawers that we frequent often, like dresser and "junk" drawers we're going to need a little more help. (Full disclosure here.) While researching drawer organizing advice for this post, I came across some instructional videos of people folding stuff. That might sound boring, but they made me tingle, because I couldn't wait to give them a try. Yesterday, was the big day. I started with the top drawer of the tall boy dresser that my husband and I share and worked my way down. From undies to socks to tees to shorts to sweaters. Every item was addressed. By the the time I was done, the drawers were not only picture-perfect-tidy, I had created space. LOTS of space. The undie drawers are now only half full. Other drawers are 2/3 full. It was kind of magical. When I showed the hubs the results, he was floored. He even asked me to give him a folding tutorial! (He can be as OCD as I am sometimes.) So...here we go...videos!

First is Sarah's excellent tips on how she folds cami's, jeans, shorts, capri's and the like. 

Next is undies. Carla Anne shows us how to cleverly fold panties and boxers (seriously, THIS will make TONS of room in your undie drawer):

T-shirts are tackled with Alajandra's help. She uses one of those folding tools, which really isn't necessary, but if you like the idea of using one, check out the video in this old post. (Again this will create TONS of space!)

To keep short socks in line, fold them the military way (safety goggles optional): 

This trick to fold longer socks just might blow your mind (it did mine):

Finally, visit this page which includes a video of Martha sharing her tips for organizing a junk drawer. In typical Martha style the result is impeccable. (I love her suggestion of using sheet metal to line the drawer. She explains why.)




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CitricSugar on Jan 08, 2016:

I think you mean 'assessment' - assessing is determining value. Access is how you get to something.

After assessing my storage needs, I rearranged my closet for better access to my winter wear.

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