Roundup: 10 Affordable Design Trends For Your Home

10 Affordable Design Trends

Interior design trends can be overwhelming because they seem to be constantly changing and are often labeled as too expensive.  Today I want to share with you 10 interior design trends that I believe will not only be around for a while, but are also surprisingly affordable.     

Source: Design Sponge, TheNatos.com

1. White Interiors.  The only thing this design trend requires is a couple cans of paint and some paint supplies. Everyone paints a room in their home at some point in time so this design trend can fit in with most budgets.  Mix in some colorful textiles and wood textures to warm it up like Jami did in her suburban home in the Midwest.

Source: Style By Emily Henderson

2.  Midcentury Modern.  Not too long ago you had to give an arm, a leg, donate a kidney and take out a second mortgage to purchase vintage midcentury furniture or a reproduction piece. Finally, affordable home decor stores are offering midcentury inspired furniture choices.  Check out this look from Ikea.  JCPenney, Overstock and World Market has even come to play in the MCM trend.

Source: Apartment Therapy

3. Marble.   While marble is still high-end and expensive, there are a wide variety of marble-look options to accomplish this trend.  I have used this marble laminate from Formica in a kitchen and a bathroom and it looks awesome.  Check out this marble hex vinyl floor from Tarkett and this marble look tile from Lowes.

Source: Style at Home

4. Dark Window Trim.  Dark window trim was a widely used architectural feature in homes and industrial spaces many years ago.  Its presence has never left but it has had a strong ressurgence latley.  What I love about this trend is that it can take a mass production home and give it architectural character.  The cost is simply paint, supplies and time.  What color?  Try black, dark grey or dark brown.

Source: Think Decor

5.  Persian and Kilim Rugs.  When most people realize the authentic kilim rug they want will cost more than their refrigerator they have serious commitment issues. I truly believe an authentic kilim or Persian rug will last decades longer than your fridge... yet, I get the commitment issues, especially as a mother and pet owner.  The good news is our favorite affordable stores are jumping in to give us more options so we wont feel the need to banish our kids or pets from certain areas in our homes. Check out this one and this one from Overstock.  This one is also a good one from UO.  Layering a smaller version under a less expensive large rug can also help save a little when you are wanting an authentic rug.

Source: K Sarah Designs

6.  Mixed Metals.  One reason I love this trend is it can give you freedom of choices in your home.  The freedom of choice opens up a variety of options which will always help the pocket book.   Yes, that brass chandelier can go with your stainless steel appliances and brushed nickel hardware you found on clearance. I love how the oil rubbed bronze and gold play together well in the kitchen above.

Source: House Tweaking

7.  Subway tile.  This will never go out of style.  It's a classic and been a staple in all types of interiors for the last century.  Subway tile is probably the cheapest way to bring some serious style to any kitchen or bathroom.  Lowes sells basic white for super cheap.

Source: Apartment Therapy; Photo by Josefin Kvist via Skona Hem

8.  White square tile with dark grout.  I don't know if you have noticed but white square tile with dark grout, tiled in a brick pattern is on trend right now.  This is great for our wallets because its even cheaper than Subway tile.  The cost of dark grout is the same as any other and you will save money on future cleaning supplies because its so easy to clean.

Source: My Domaine, Photo: Tessa Neustadt

9.  Patterned Tile.  Patterned tiles can be expensive but some of the bigger box stores are starting to bring options to the table.  Since these stores don't sell them in mass production you might not see them when you walk through the store, but check online or in their special order section.  These patterned tiles from Home Depot are pretty affordable.  If your heart is set on the expensive version, save money by using it in a smaller tile project like a powder room or fireplace.

Source: Vintage Revivals

10.  Statement Lighting.  The DIY world has made statement lighting completely affordable.  Mandi from Vintage Revivals is really one of the best so check out her tutorials.  For those of you who are not confident to attempt electrical DIYs... Etsy stores can give you the unique and affordable.  Big box stores understand the DIY craze and are making it easier for you to just add a shade by buying a pendant kit like these here and here. 

Interested in more DIYable trends?  Check out this post and this post from Curbly.

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Ashley on Sep 22, 2015:

Obsessed with all these ideas!! I seriously want to make the copper/wood semi-flush mount in the last picture for the boy room...thanks!

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