Eye Candy: 10 Modern Yet Cozy Cabins That Will Make You Want To Escape To The Woods

Eye Candy: 10 Modern Yet Cozy Cabins That Will Make You Want To Escape To The Woods
Source: Decoist via Webber Studio; On Site Management

I don't know about you, but the holidays bring out my desire to snuggle up and just be with my family. Maybe it is because of the busy nature of the season, but I long to cozy up with my hot cocoa and escape. Here are 10 modern rustic cabins that make you want to live life in the woods...for good.       

1. The focal point in any cabin or cozy space should be the fireplace. If I visited the above interior I would never leave this room.

Source: mpression

2. Could you imagine if this was your kitchen's view?

Source: BraveNewHome via Elle Decor

3. I love the mix of dark grey painted wood and rustic wood ceiling.

Source: Interiormagisnet

4. This is a traditional version of a log cabin and I love the navy and plaid.

Source: Lindsay Todd Design

5. I love the details of this bathroom. Its very rustic but the vanity and rug bring in a modern touch.

Source: Country Living

6. I love the curtains that look like a wool Pendleton camp blanket. They bring warmth to the modern table and chairs. They also provide a simple way to break up the wood tones.

Source: Country Living

7. This is the front porch of the same cabin pictured above. I am sure painting their log cabin grey was a bold move in the eyes of some, but I am a little obsessed with it and glad they did it. I would love to sit here on a fall afternoon and drink some cider.

Source: Luxe via My Domaine Designer: Kwinter and Co; Photo: Laura Resen

8. I love the painted log cabin but placing modern against the natural is stunning. The art above the bar cart is unexpected for a log cabin. It breaks the rules and is perfect.

Source: My Domaine Photo: Paulina Arklin

9. The all white space can be cozy too when you add in the plush rug and wood textures.

Source: On Site Management.com

10. If I am going away to escape to a cabin I might as well live in luxury right? Wow...just wow.

Okay, back to reality and city life for me...but if a life in the woods becomes my calling, these are the spaces I want to inspire my home. If cozy cabins are your thing you will like this post roundup of tiny homes.

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