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8 Interiors With Stylishly Spooky Decor

by on Oct 13, 2015

Source: My Scandinavian Home, Ellis House, Stylist Lotta Agaton

For some people spooky only happens at Halloween and for others its art. Here are some decor and interiors that make “spooky” and “quirky” stylish.   

1. There is nothing scary about the above interior. Instead its delightfully inviting but the quirky painting gives it a stylish element of spook. 

A Balcony has colorful chairs and decorations.
Source: Apartment Therapy: Designer Abigail Ahern

2. This is such a colorful space yet the vintage library…maybe even haunted library looking wall-to-ceiling wallpaper gives some serious drama.

A room having black walls with wooden interior and a metal chair and table.
Source: Homedit

3. Anatomy prints of plants and animals can be a little “crazy scientist” yet they look so stylish in this space.

A black wall full of framed black and white drawings.
Source: The Decorista

4. In my imagination, every owner of a haunted house is an eclectic collector.  This wall is quirky and cool. It makes you want to linger longer than you should and look because you are intrigued by all the oddities. 

Oversized facsimiled portraits by impressionist painter Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, along with an old birdcage and antique wooden trophy heads
Source: Vogue Living

5. I love to pick up a Vogue living magazine because I know I will be challenged by some serious creativity.  The combo of paintings, taxidermy and old birdcage works in the Les Etangs De Carot restaurant near Paris. The Hotel and Spa is actually very modern so I love the contrast of quirk at the restaurant.  

A room having black interior and lots of books.
Source: House Beautiful

6. This bedroom designed by Stephen Shubel is definitely stylishly spooky. I totally want to be a guest here because I just know if I pull down the hand or turn the porcelain human head, a secret door will open. 

A living room is decorated in a vintage style.
Source: Lonny

7. This living room in Chicago of Matt Carollo has all the elements of stylishly spooky. The design is warm and inviting yet the oversized art, animal print and old world furniture pieces make you feel like there is history there.

A small table sits in a living room with book shelves and picture of a skull on the wall.
Source: House and Garden

8. This space is very modern and the statement of of the skeleton art is awesome. I even think the rug is a little “skeletonish” too. Would it be too corny to say this room has “good bones?” Yeah, I overstepped the line there. Sorry.

See… these interiors prove that spooky doesn’t have to be scary and it can inspire you to bust out your inner quirk and make it stylish. Do you love dark rooms? Check this roundup of dark rooms here.

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