Eye Candy: 10 Built Ins Bold With Color

Bold Colorful Built Ins

I am in love with the character, functionality, and coziness that built in bookcases and cabinetry can bring to a home. I live in, and am restoring, a 97 year old home.  We have many types of built ins and are thinking of adding more, therefore I am always looking for ideas.   Painted white built ins with colorfully styled decor has my heart, yet these boldly painted versions are lately making me swoon... maybe even stray from my first love.  These stylish rooms can either inspire you to go bold with your built ins, or maybe give you new ideas for your store-bought bookcases or furniture.       

Source:  Pinterest  Photo: P Zuloaga

1. These colorful, modular built ins from Elle.es are striking next to the the neutrally painted architectural details of this home.

Source Decopad 

2. The bold built in color from this Ashley Whitaker Design gives a modern feel to this more traditional living room.  I also love how the deep navy softens the look of the large television.

Source: Cup of Jo

3.  There are many a bookcase with painted backs.  This owner went a step further by painting all interior sides of the bookcase with different colors while leaving the outside white.  I also like how it is styled with colorful books and similar toned trinkets.

Source:  Little Green Notebook

4.  Jenny Komenda from Little Green Notebook simply added molding and painted the face of her white Billy bookcases black.  These simple upgrades made them go from normal to wow.

Source: Decopad

5. Do you have commitment issues with bold color?  These color blocked bookshelves from Martha Stewart could be accomplished with fabric or painted, removable pieces of wood.

Source: House and Home, Photo: Miguel Flores-Vianna

6. My favorite color is teal so I am sure you now know how I feel about this moody library from Miles Redd.

Source: Decopad

7. If you love red then you will like this built in cabinetry from Peppermint Bliss.  Again, the bold color is a great way to make the built-ins the center of attention not the television. On a random note, are you seeing the tiny midcentury furniture?  Nothing relative to this post at all, but they just needed to be mentioned right?

Source: Decopad

8. These built ins caught my eye because they are sectioned off a different color from the white ones in the room next to them.  What a creative way to make this part of the home stand out and invite you to come over and sit down.  I love the modern feel of the paint with the rustic fireplace. Designer: Kate Jackson

Source:  Design Indulgences

9. These green lacquered built ins make a big statement.  When going bold with paint and sheen, you might has well add in more bold.  The gold fixtures and furniture with the green lacquer surprisingly work well together and don't compete.  Designer Ken Faulk.

Source: This Old House

10.  Here is another bold interior with painted blue built ins.  I like how they just kept going with the windows, walls and even curtains. I love this but I am most impressed with the successful color match of those curtains!

Alright, here is a question for you... Would you go bold on permanent built ins or just stick to furniture?  If you are a sucker for some bold color check out these Curbly posts here and here.

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DesigningMom on Sep 24, 2015:

I love the bold colors, but our built in bookcases are all stained wood. I could see #4 with the bookcases in stained wood. 

Ashley on Sep 14, 2015:

Beautiful homes! I'm not brave enough for built ins and the bold colors but some of these "bold" looked do-able! Thanks!

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