Roundup: 8 DIY Outdoor Swings for Summer

Roundup: 8 DIY Outdoor Swings for Summer
Photo: The Merrythought

There's something about an outdoor swing that brings back all those warm, fuzzy feelings from childhood. Don't you think? Feeling the wind running through your hair, aimlessly swinging in place. It was all so simple back then. So, to bring back a small piece of that playful kid-like side in all of us, I've rounded up some of the coolest DIY outdoor swings for summer.


Now, all you'll need is a good sturdy tree and a few good project hours. So, let's get to it.

Photo: Momtastic

1. Let's start with a super cool DIY outdoor swing made of wood beads and planks.

Photo: Natalie Shriver for deisgnlovefest

2. Pick up a paint brush for this color coded DIY swing

Photo: Homemade Modern

3. Grab a skateboard and try this DIY skate swing on for size.

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

4. Make a more basic tree swing with this simple tutorial.

Photo: Home Depot

5. How nice would this hanging bench swing be after a long day? 

Photo: Sausage Jar

6. Here's a colorful DIY swing for a more embellished outdoor swing option.

Photo: Dukes & Duchesses

7. No need to reinvent the wheel, with this DIY rope swing

Photo: The Merrythought

8. And finally, the swings to end all swings... a DIY pallet swing bed!

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