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Roundup: Spring Organization Ideas for the Garage and Basement That ADD Space

by on Mar 17, 2015

It’s springtime, and that means it’s time to sweep out and organize the garage and basement. The sweeping part is easy. The organizing part? That can be a little tricky when you lack space. In this roundup of organization ideas we’ve put together ideas and how-tos that will actually add space to our

garages and basements. No kidding!

We’ll start in the garage with this quite fabulous lumber cart which comes complete with free plans. Not only does it provide great, consolidated storage, it has wheelies, which means it can free up space on a whim.

A shelf containing pieces of various wood and construction tools.
Photo: Shanty 2 Chic

If you’ve ever looked above your garage door and noticed all the wasted space up there, then check out how Jay added storage to that underutilized spot. 

Two empty wooden racks situated near the roof of the basement.
Photo: Jay’s Custom Creations

Admittedly, I sometimes leave my gardening supplies hither and thither and taking up space, much to the dismay of Sweetie Pie. This garage gardening station would solve the issue. (LOVE the use of an IKEA fold-down table!)

A well organized garden storage shelf.
Photo: Mailardville Manor

Ever try to prop a wheelbarrow against the inside of a garage wall to make floor space only to have it tip over? Never again with this slide bolt trick! 

A red wheelbarrow hanging on the wall under a window.
Photo: Listotic

You know how stuff on a bottom shelf can feel like it’s in a cave? It’s so dark in there, things get lost! This dual-depth shelving project eliminates the dark pit. 

Things hanging on a wall and from a green shelf in a shed.
Photo: The Family Handyman

Shoes do have a habit of collecting in a garage. For those of us without mudrooms, this garage shoe storage project might be the answer to our prayers.

A tall black shelf has shoes on it.
Photo: Our Home From Scratch

Now let’s go down the stairs and into the basement:

Inexpensive wire closet racking creates quick, easy, and useful storage between ceiling rafters: 

A man stores basketballs in an overhead attic shelf.
Photo: Pixgood

Of course, that empty space between walls studs makes for some great shelving opportunities as well. 

Wooden garage organizer with multiple compartments with glass jars sitting them.

If standard wall stud depth is a little too shallow for our storage needs, we could build some big shelves like Pam did: 

A three level wooden shelf holds multiple rectangular bins.
DIY Design Fanatic

If we’re not using the space under our stairs for storage, we’re wasting some prime shelving real estate:

Storage built under a set of basement stairs is filled with various household items like sleeping bags, Tupperware, coolers and riding toys.
Photo: Castroville Lodging

I love these two ideas that add shelves on the way down and over the stairs. So charming!

Shelves surrounding the edges of a stairway.
Photo: Home Houzz
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