Our Makeover: A Modern Boy's Bedroom With A Dash of Adventure

Little Adventurer Boy's Room Makeover!

Yesterday, we told you all about our plans to make over our little boy's bedroom. Before we get to the big reveal, let's do a mini recap. 

We moved into the Curbly House when our son was two weeks old. Because we were insane people who purchased, gutted, moved into, and attempted to furnish and decorate a whole house with a brand new baby, his room was left looking fairly generic.

Curbly: Boy's Bedroom Makeover Before
A view of the nursery the day we closed on the house and the ceiling fell down.
Boy's Room Makeover, Before
A view of the nursery a few months later.

But, like sands through the hourglass, days turned into years, and our boy grew from a wee sprout to a 2 1/2-year-old joyful little guy with lots of opinions and interests. Mainly, he loves things that go (specifically: trains), "guys" (little Playmobil figurines that he names), and creating mountain adventures for his playthings.

After putting together some mood boards, we set out to create a room that was centered on the theme of mountains. Let me digress for a moment and say that mountains are having their moment. Emily Henderson did them super-well for Oh Joy's nursery

Oh Joy's Mountain Mural
Photo: David Tsay

And, Pam Lostracco created this magical wall in her bedroom.

Photo: Pam Lostracco

Mountains are the poster children for adventure, so we were excited to put our own twist on the trend. My favorite thing about our mountain mural is that we made it magnetic so that our little guy could play with his little guys on the wall. We used several coats (five, to be exact) of magnetic paint and to magnetize our wall. Then, we drilled holes into the backs of several Playmobil figurines and inset magnets using industrial strength craft adhesive. The magnets are securely locked in place, which is important because strong magnets and little children can be dangerous together.

From blank wall, to magnetic mountains, to magnetic mountain climbers!

We were incredibly lucky to partner with Land of Nod for this project (if you haven't seen it already, check our Curbly friends Al & Meghan's nursery makeover, also in partnership with Land of Nod). We love the charm, style, and quality Land of Nod weaves into their furniture, and we adore the playful aesthetic they embody. 

With our mountain theme fresh in my mind, I created mood boards featuring some Land of Nod pieces we wanted to incorporate into the room's design. Namely, the Andersen bed and the Blue Patina rug. These two pieces really grounded the room making it easy to build character into the space and give it a layered feeling. 

The final result is a space that reflects our growing boy; it suits him perfectly.

Little Adventurer Boy's Room Makeover

Little Adventurer Boy's Room Makeover

Little Adventurer Boy's Room Makeover

Night Stand - Little Adventurer Boy's Room Makeover

Book Nook - Little Adventurer Boy's Room Makeover

Little Adventurer Boy's Room Makeover

Playmobil toys
Hang on, Steve! I've got you!

Playmobil toys mounted with magnets
Megan, I swear, if you give him one more treat, I'll let go of this rope.


Mountain Accent Wall - Little Adventurer Boy's Room Makeover

And, here's our resource list for those interested. All pieces are from Land of Nod, unless otherwise noted.


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Talia Gorodess on Jan 01, 2017:

Thank you so much Alicia:) Sometimes all we need when making "major" decisions in life is a little push in the right direction!

Happy New Year!

alicia on Dec 28, 2016:

Talia, I don't know what the "Gold Mine" looks like in person, but I imagine it will well for you. I think with gold/bronze metallics it's more about the texture/sheen than the actual base color. Both of the golds you're considering look similar and will take up a very small space. So, if you heart is telling you "Gold Mine" I think you should go for it!

Talia on Dec 28, 2016:

This is very helpful, thank you Alicia:)
Would you then recommend to just use the "gold mine" to begin with or is it too different? At any rate, yours came out perfectly.

alicia on Dec 28, 2016:

Hi, Talia! We used "Soft Gold", though we did several coats, so maybe it looks more like "Gold Mine." The paint goes on in very thin coats, so it takes several to get an opaque look. We probably used 8-10oz. of paint total, so if you're creating just a few caps, 2oz. should be just fine. Good luck!

Meghan on Mar 26, 2015:

Sooo wonderful! Love it so much!

alicia on Mar 26, 2015:

Thank you all!

Lindsay on Mar 26, 2015:

Love the adorable kid!

Bridget on Mar 26, 2015:

A great setting for peace and tranquility. 

Katie on Mar 26, 2015:

I love that the room is transitional. Great for a little boy, but perfect for a bigger one too. That's a hard balance to strike. Great job. It's beautiful!

Nadia on Mar 26, 2015:

I have the same blanket! Yeay!

Samantha on Mar 26, 2015:

Wow! What an adorable room. Now I want a mountain mural in my bedroom.

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