5 Tips For Making Your Workspace Feel Creatively Organized

ways to display office supplies
photo: Lexy Ward

Do you have a work space? Does it have a designated spot in your home? Or do you have a desk that doubles as something else? We don't live in a very big space so we created a little nook in our kitchen to act as a desk/mini studio for me! And at the beginning of each month, that desk/mini studio is clean, clean, clean! And by the end of the month, it's become a catch-all for anything and everything. How to fight the mess?      

 I have a bunch of random supplies on my desk (endless amounts of washi tape, scissors, pens, wrapping paper, glitter, etc.). And these things need to be organized. I'm sure you might have some desk clutter, so here are a few ways to keep those items we use daily neat and tidy!

ways to display office supplies
photo: Fynes Designs

Have a lot of scissors? Hang them on the wall and put them on display! This idea would work with a lot of office supplies, not just scissors! I'm envisioning a wall of colored pencils. Simply tape them to the wall randomly or in rows. Washi tape is perfect for a project like this since washi can easily be removed without ruining paint.

Ways to display office items
Photo: Lexy Ward

Speaking of washi tape! Like many, I have a large collection of the stuff. Before, I stuffed those rolls in drawers and tried to jam them all into an apothecary jar! If you can believe it, not all the tape fit. Put your collection on display by organizing them in a rainbow fashion on some shelves. It's free art! Bonus: you won't have to dig for the particular color you want to use!

Ways to display office items
photo:Lexy Ward

Of course, if you don't want to DIY, you certainly don't have to! Keep the paper trail to a minimum by using a pretty letter holder. This rose gold one by CB2 is a perfect touch to any modern work space. It's a gorgeous color so it feels more like a nice accessory than something that just serves a purpose.

ways to display office supplies
photo:Lexy Ward
ways to display office supplies
photo: Martha Stewart

I also have a collection of post it notes. It's safe to admit that I don't just have one or two of the regular office supplies. I collect them! Anyway, this post it calendar is a simple way to keep your day-to-day straight! You can also color-coordinate for different events. Yellow for game days, green for music practice, red for parent-teacher meetings, etc. Toss those papers out at the end of the day and restart at the beginning of each month! 

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photo: Lexy Ward

Get your thumbtacks out of the package by beautifying them up. A little nailpolish goes a long way with these guys. Use them to actually hang stuff up or just display them on their own! They also take .5 seconds to make so you can whip out 100 thumbtacks in no time! 

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Sarah on Feb 26, 2015:

Such a cute ideas, love your washi tape collections!

Gary moore on Feb 25, 2015:

If you like the beehive tape storage idea I make a very similar product which can also be customised to your needs. You can find it here http://www.houzz.com/projects/321760/bookhive or at my own site garymoorefurniture.com

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