How to: DIY Ornament-Shaped Holiday Doormat

DIY Ornament Doormat
Photo: Lexy Ward

I wanted to give our front porch a little holiday love, but I wanted to do something other than the traditional wreath on the door. Enter: the vintage ornament doormat. Here's how to make your own!      


Materials needed:

  • cheap doormat with white design on the front (mine is from the discount store)
  • marker
  • scissors
  • painter's tape
  • spray paint in 3 colors
DIY vintage ornament doormat
Photo: Lexy Ward

1. Flip over your mat, and using a marker, trace the shape of a vintage ornament around the mat. Cut out with heavy duty scissors, or an x-acto knife if your mat is thick. Search for images for inspiration, but don't obsess about patterns and templates and such. Sketch your lines with a pencil, then darken the final shape with a marker. You can do this!

2. Next, paint the mat a base coat. In this case, I chose white so that the mat would be the brightest. If painting a light color, you may need 2+ coats. You may see a small portion of the original design through the paint, but it's okay! We'll be covering with more stripes!

3. Allow the base color to dry and then plan out your design. For an easy design, I simply taped off lines to create strips of paint in different widths.

4. Using painter's tape, tape off your design. Be sure to really press along the edges to help create a crisp paint line.

Diy vintage ornament doormat
Photo: Lexy Ward
DIY vintage ornament doormat
Photo: Lexy Ward

5. Paint in your design. Using small and short burst of spray paint will allow you to cover the area quickly and efficiently.

DIY Vintage Ornament Doormat
Photo: Lexy Ward

6. After painting, quickly remove the painter's tape before the paint has dried. 

DIY Vintage Ornament Doormat
Photo: Lexy Ward
DIY Vintage Ornament Doormat
Photo: Lexy Ward

7. Wait at least 24 hours before use!

Now your porch can be a little more festive this holiday-season!

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Diane on Jul 18, 2015:

By the way I can't pin any of your images.....wonder what that is about, it shows it on pinterest and yet says it can't find an images.

diane on Jul 18, 2015:

Very cute I want to do around one with the knob on top.  Can you tell the store, and can you also tell me what your rug is made out of?  Thank you.

And by the way great job done.

alicia on Dec 18, 2014:

Adorable, Lexy!

CapreeK on Dec 17, 2014:

This is so cute!

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