Gift Guide: 12 Cool Ornaments to Buy this Year

Gift Guide: 12 Cool Ornaments to Buy this Year

Thinking about adding some new holiday ornaments to your Christmas tree this year? Check out this gift guide for the coolest ornaments on the block.   


Every year, I always buy a few new ornaments to add to the tree, but this year, it looks like I'll be buying far more than a few. I love them all.

Here are 12 cool ornaments to buy this year...

1. Ding Ornaments

2. Balloon Letter Ornament

3. Paint Brush Ornament

4. Pantone Ornaments

5. Geometric Origami Ornament

6. Boom Box Ornament

7. Camping Trip Ornament

8. Felt USA Ornament

9. Mod House Ornament

10. Golden Gate Bridge Ornament

11. Handmade Snowflake Ornaments

12. Geo Drop Ornament

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Jenn @ Engineer Mommy on Dec 03, 2014:

My favorite is the geo-drop ornament... I love geometric things!

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