Eye Candy: 11 Totally Unique DIY Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Eye Candy: 11 Totally Unique DIY Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Ceramic, stone, and glass tiles are the go-to materials of choice for most kitchen backsplashes. If you're looking for something a little more unique than your typical white subway tile, though, take a peek at these 11 DIYable backsplash ideas!       

1. Geometric Painted Plywood Backsplash

2. Back-Painted Glass Panel Backsplash

3. Bottle Cap Backsplash

4. Reclaimed Wood Backsplash

5. Mix-and-Match, Quilt-Style Tile Backsplash

6. Fabric Behind Glass Backsplash

7. Lego Backsplash

8. Antiqued Mirror Backsplash

9. Street Sign Backsplash

10. River Rock Backsplash

11. Enlarged Family Photo and Glass Panel Backsplash

Have you seen any other unusual backsplash materials? Share some of your favorite ideas in the comments below!

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LM on Feb 11, 2016:

Did not any of them, at all!! Ugh!!

Catherine on Aug 31, 2015:

We have mosaic tiles as splash backs and our tiles were broken seconds, and donations from friends ????

Anonymous on May 29, 2015:

I'm on a really tight budget. I'm talking tight. So I had to get creative. I did an aluminum. Foil back splash. It looks fantastic. I get so many compliments. Wish I could upload pics

kris on Apr 10, 2015:

That punch tin panels you can buy at home improvement centers looks great and is fairly inexpensive. Colors in either silver or copper. It could be painted also.

Anonymous on Mar 22, 2015:

My friend in Norway poured coffee beans behind glass - it was awesome.

Anonymous on Jan 13, 2015:

My son installed his own dark green soapstone countertops then purchased sheet metal to make a backsplash.  He left it outside for a few days in light fog conditions to weather it, which did a splendid job of speckling. He then covered with a clear coat of satin finish marine varnish to protect it.  It looks like a deep gray granite backsplash...absolutely gorgeous on a minimal budget.  It's an ideal surface for magnetic knife racks and a memo board too,

Ian on Jan 09, 2015:

Loving the potential of the photo behind glass idea, but would be worried about potential problems with the image over time. The kitchen environment is pretty demanding. I wonder how best to prevent damage to the photo? Seal it all in with silicone or allow some sort of ventilation I wonder?

Anonymous on Jan 08, 2015:

really like the river rock, we have a flagstone look vinyl floor,and light gray walls and white cabinets.

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