Eye Candy: Beautiful Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Mosaic tile backsplash
Photo: ToppsTiles

Searching for the perfect mosaic tile backsplash for your kitchen be overwhelming. The sheer number of options is mind-boggling, which means that figuring out a unique style that fits your personality can be difficult. So today we're sharing some inspiring mosaic tile backsplash ideas that will help you pin down the look you're going for. Bits of china and tile have never looked so beautiful. Here are a few mosaic back splashes that just might make you start breaking dishes. Opa!           

Modern tile from Clayhaus
Photo: Smithcraft

These circular tile mosaics give the kitchen a happy, whimsical sort of feel thanks to their bubbly shape (literally and figuratively). They were made by Clayhaus Modern Tile using their You Design Tool which allows clients to customize the colors of the circles. They also offer hexagon patterns, rhombus patterns, and many others. 


Metallic mosaic
Photo: New Ravenna

If you're looking for a metallic finish, this mosaic tile backsplash by New Ravenna is made using 24K gold glass, agate and quartz jewel glass. The gilded surface adds a beautiful reflective quality, giving it a sophisticated feel that many other tiles don't have. The unique design makes it feel very high end.


Recycled glass mosaic kitchen backsplash
Photo: Domino

This backsplash and countertop is made using recycled glass, so it resembles the terrazzo pattern that is so popular lately. While this doesn't appear to technically be a mosaic tile made with mesh backing, it still achieves the same look thanks to its many small pieces. Read more about it here.


Tiled image mosaic kitchen backsplash
Photo: Via Homeyou

If you're really looking to go bold, you might consider tiling an image on your backsplash. This definitely requires prior mosaic tiling experience, but if you've got it, flaunt it! (Otherwise though, hire a pro). This will make an incredible impact on your space, and will forever be a conversation piece for your guests. 


Creative and colorful mosaic kitchen backsplash
Photo: TraveyStephens Interior Design

This mosaic tile backsplash is made using a variety of different types of tile, and even utilizes broken pieces of pottery in many areas. And they took it one step further, making it functional by adding a broken half of a mug to hold pencils and a pair of scissors. What a unique idea!


Gorgeous rustic mosaic tile backsplash
Photo: My Domaine

This beautiful mosaic tile backsplash is really two patterns in one... the shapes made by the grout lines and the subtle colors in the tiles themselves which form a lovely natural brown hue all together. Something like this which combines both geometric and organic shapes would perfect to offset any kitchen that is feeling too white. 


Neat triangular mosaic kitchen backsplash
Photo: ToppsTiles

This light colored mosaic kitchen backsplash has the look of penny tiles with a more contemporary vibe thanks to the triangular tiles. The subtle variation in color from tile to tile picks up the surrounding hues perfectly, tying in the warm wooden countertop and the crisp blue walls.


Single panel of mosaic backsplash
Photo: Design Sponge

Marisa over on Design Sponge chose to use black grout in her colorful backsplash. 


Creative kitchen mosaic backsplash

Artistic kitchen backsplash

Check these two out from Therese Dejardin Studio. 


Geometric mosaic kitchen backsplash
Photo: Casa Sugar

Adore the sweet contemporary pattern of this one, which relied on a tile cutter rather than a hammer for its creation.


Curbly kitchen mosaic tile backsplash
Photo: Mosaics by Ginger

And, finally, Ginger's Major Mosaic Kitchen Makeover posted right here on Curbly a few years back, which is so great it needed another shout out.


Eye Candy: Beautiful Mosaic Tile Backsplash Ideas
Photo: Domino

Have you seen any other interesting backsplash ideas? Feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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Anonymous on Nov 09, 2012:

It was some work to make the beautiful backsplash wall with the dollar store plates.  However, in about 5 hours of intense work, my sister-n-law now has an amazing kitchen wall that is by far the most talked about and admired pieces in her beautiful home.  It was "a lot of work" as someone expressed, but she loves it and most DIY projects require  work!  She certainly has reaped an excessive reward for her little bit of hard work. Sometimes money can't buy what our own sweat and ingenuity can produce!!  

I am ... A Very Proud Sister-n-Law

Diane on Nov 09, 2012:

Talk about a labor of love. Simply amazing. Another 'some day' project that has made it to the top of my list and I can't wait. I wonder about the cleaning? Do they hold up to a lot of cooking and splatter?

Proud Sister-n-Law on Dec 27, 2011:

Years ago my sister-on-law saw this type of thing in a magazine.  She went to the dollar store and bought the 1.00 plates that had the colors she wanted, took them home and put them in old pillow classes and smashed them with a hammer.  Then she used the mortar and placed each piece as she worked...It was work!  But it is beautiful and probably receives more compliments than just about any area of her home (and that is saying something!!)  It is beautiful!!  This unique wall became a work of art!! 

lillybet on Sep 12, 2011:

it seems like an awful lot of work to me

Anonymous on Sep 10, 2011:

I think they are all very nice

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