Roundup: 13 Fabulous and Functional DIY Bathmat Projects

Roundup: 13 Fabulous and Functional DIY Bathmat Projects

Thick, white, and folded over the edge of the tub or shower door. Sound familiar? Then you, too, may be suffering from Unimaginative Bathmat & Placement Syndrome. But don't worry; we have the cure. The thing about these DIY bathmat projects is that because they're stylish, you won't want to tuck them out of the way, which takes care of  the Unimaginative Placement part of the syndrome. Basically, you're gonna wanna show these babies off. 

We'll start with the nature-inspired looks. I'm skeptical that moss will maintain it's mossiness in a typical natural environment, but I love them anyway. I found a project awhile back where the maker used a foam substrate to fashion a mat. (Click here to see that one.) However, this option from HGTV Gardens seems more do-able. The maker used a lid from a plastic tote as a 'planter.' 

Corks have been a popular bathmat medium for some time now. This one from Crafty Nest is especially spa-worth. 

Speaking of 'spa,' check out this DIY spa bathmat that was made using snap-together IKEA decking. Clever.

Here's another spa-worthy mat made of craft wood and cork sheeting. 

Take a look at Kristi's removable cedar shower mat. It would be the first on my DIY list if I had a shower stall like hers.

We've seen stone bathmats before, but Tattooed Martha's Ocean Stone Bath Mat is my new favorite. Because it looks cool, sure, but also because of it's construction. She used a heavy-duty, outdoor rubber mat with holes in it for the water to drain through as a substrate. How about a hand-tied bathmat using a couple of old towels?? Love it. 

I'm partial to this hand-tied bathmat using a couple of old towels. 

For a punch of color and pattern, Cheri shows us how to sew one using outdoor canvas (the top) and terrycloth (the bottom)

Another one using fabric, but no sewing is required. That's because Diane used a piece of scrap vinyl flooring to make her mat. 

I'd never considered making a quilted bathmat, but that's what Quilting Barbie did. She doesn't have a tutorial, but I'm assuming it's just a regular block quilt with a towel for the backing. (Probably machine quilted.) So cute!

This braided offering from Martha is actually classified as a doormat, but it would look perfect in a bathroom. 

For all you knitters out there, this Loopy Bath Mat from The Pearl Bee is a must-do. Don't let the loopy stitches fool you; they're easy once you get the hang of it. 

And for you crocheters, here is a faux GRASS rug from Fine Craft Guild. It's made using the crochet version of the loop stitch, as seen above, but they're cut when done, creating the grassy effect. It'll last longer than a moss bathmat, that's for sure.

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