Eye Candy: 13 Colorful and Inspiring Kitchens

Eye Candy: 13 Colorful and Inspiring Kitchens

There is something about a colorful kitchen that just makes people happy. My guess is because it's less expected to have bold pops of color in a kitchen, than in a living room or bedroom, for example. Whatever the reason, though, I'm rounding up some of the most colorful kitchens I could find, to get away from the typical whites and neutrals we're all used to seeing in the heart of the home.    

1. Hot Pink Floors in the Kitchen

2. Teal Kitchen Cabinets

3. Bright Kitchen Walls

4. Pops of Color inside the Cabinets and on the Wall

5. Olive Green Cabinetry

6. A Very Yellow Farmhouse Kitchen

7. Green kitchen cabinets and shelving

8. Blue Country Kitchen

9. Chartruese Cabinets

10. Blue and White Tile Pattern and Hot Pink Stools in the Kitchen

11. Avocado Green Kitchen

12. A Colorful Fridge and Toe Kick

13. Pops of Orange

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