Before and After: A Playful End Table Mini Makeover -- Plus a Giveaway!

Before and After: A Playful End Table Mini Makeover -- Plus a Giveaway!

Last week, I visited my local Sherwin-Williams store to get some paint and tools for a furniture makeover I've been working on. And today, I'm ready to share the results from that makeover. Above is what this quirky little end table looked like before. And here is the (now) three-toned table after:
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Instead of painting the whole thing one color, I went with three. I like playful pieces that add a little cheer around the house in unexpected ways. So, I ended up choosing two pastel paints and one bold dark, to make this table more of a statement piece. 

Choosing the right colors: I selected a handful of potential colors in store and then brought home the swatches to decide on the best combo, which I mentioned in my first post as well.

Here's how I refinished my end table...


I was able to pick up everything I needed from my local Sherwin-Williams store (minus the actual table and the power sander, of course). Here's the detailed list of supplies and tools:

  • Thrift store end table
  • Power sander
  • Painter's tape
  • XIM primer - This primer works for multi-surfaces, which was perfect for this project, since I have both a wood surface and a metal one to cover.
  • 2 paint brushes - One for primer, one for paint.
  • HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams paint - I used BreaktimeRosebay, and Black Magic.


1. There was a really thick varnish on the table, so I had to start with a power sander to remove the finish as much as possible before priming. This was a suggestion from Catherine, the manager of my local Sherwin-Williams store. I had never used a power sander before, but I'm glad I didn't skip this step. It turned out to be a surprisingly fun (and rewarding) part of the process.

I ended up sanding the surface down to the bare wood, for the most part, which probably wasn't necessary considering I used a very heavy duty primer. But I was kind of in the zone, so I went ahead with it.

2. Once the sanding was complete, I wiped down the entire surface with a rag and then started with the primer. I coated the entire surface and let it dry according to the instructions on the label. 

3. Once the primer was dry and had time to properly set up, it was time for paint. I started with the lighter mint (Breaktime) color for the side of the table, and painted that without any tape, since I knew I'd be painting the darker color (Black Magic) on top.

4. While I was waiting for the that to dry, I painted the legs in the light pink color I selected (Rosebay).

5. Once the paint was dry on both the side color and the leg color, I touched up any areas that I had missed the first time around.

6. The last part of the painting process was the top in Black Magic. After the paint of the side of the table was completely dry, I taped it off, so that I would have clean edges where the black and mint meet. Then, I painted the top of the side table and let it dry.

The photo above shows the first coat of black paint. Since this was a dark color, it required multiple coats. Once dry it's ready to use. There was no need for a sealant because the enamel paint I used doesn't need to be sealed (it's the same paint used for door trim, so it's very durable).

Here's the side by side, before and after:

Overall, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. But I'd love to know what you think of the finished piece as well.

Have your own paint project you're hoping to tackle?

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This post is sponsored by Sherwin-Williams. All opinions are my own.

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bruno on Aug 21, 2014:

Thanks everyone for the comments! The giveaway is now closed and we'll announce the winner shortly.

Miranda Glaeser on Aug 21, 2014:

Yes please!!! Love the colors BTW

Kimberly on Aug 21, 2014:

How lovely!

Richard on Aug 21, 2014:

...One reason I have and continue to really enjoy living past 70 is that I always look for the amazing which is why I am on your mailing list---- my wife Debotah (we are both retired)  enjoy creating the ":new" in our space and Curbly certainly does provide many ways to do so  --Pck Me!!!

Meadow on Aug 20, 2014:

The Breaktime green with Rosebay pink is just fantastic. Love those colors together with the black...fun glam!

Erin on Aug 20, 2014:

Pick MEE!

Tiff O. on Aug 20, 2014:

Very cute! Pick me! lol. 

Racquelle on Aug 20, 2014:

Pick me!!

jessicac on Aug 20, 2014:

I so need some painting done in my house!!! Love the makeover of the stool.. fantastic!

Alex on Aug 20, 2014:

Pick me!

Carmen on Aug 20, 2014:

Great ideas! Pick me please.

Heather on Aug 20, 2014:

Yay, paint!

Anonymous on Aug 20, 2014:

Love SW paint!

CL on Aug 20, 2014:

Love the colors! I'm now brave enough to use several colors on a paneled storage chest that I'm using as a coffee table--thanks for the inspiration!

Heather on Aug 20, 2014:

I think the legs are too spindly. I would have painted them the dark color to add some weight to the bottom. 

Linda Foy on Aug 20, 2014:

Great DIY,  I love to to upcycle. 

pknacy on Aug 20, 2014:

This table is a very clever & inspirational project.  I love the color choices.  You did a great job.

Rita A on Aug 20, 2014:

I love adding character to a repurposed item! It makes it so much fun!

Bmerry on Aug 20, 2014:

Pick me!

Anonymous on Aug 20, 2014:

Please pick me. I coudl really use the push to make some changes... 

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