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Eye Candy: 17 Awesome Workspaces to Inspire

by on Jul 15, 2014

Is your workspace in need of some TLC? If you work from home, you probably spend a whole lot of time in your office. Unfortunately though, you may not always have the time to clean up, reorganize, or add the style touches you’ve been wanting to. With that in mind, I’ve rounded up some amazing workspaces to get you motivated and inspired to tackle your workspace, and make it exactly what you’ve always wanted.   

A workspace in an office with a blue filing cabinet and an orange chair and pictures on the wall.Kristin Gladney

1. Patina Studio Tour

"Study table with laptop and showcases."My Full House

2. A living room workspace with a great light fixture

An office workspace with lots of inspiration pictures on the wall.Penelope Home

3. A cozy place to work with a big mood board of inspiration

A white room with picture framesFree Series

4. And another mood board, on a smaller scale

Working space with table and chair.A Merry Mishap

5. A black and white office corner

A contemporary room has colorful chairs and loft steps.Apartment Therapy

6. An office under the stairs

A white table has a clock, plants and several household items on top.Old Brand New

7. A light and bright desk area

A plastic orange 50's style chair sits at an antique wood desk.Modern Thrifter

8. An amazing $10 thrift store desk

A male is sitting at a white chair near a blue desk.Agata Nowak

9. A desk with it’s own walls, that also becomes a large table

"Living room with pleasant colour and plants."Sarah Sherman Samuel

10. Smitten Studio’s workspace

An office with many abstract pictures, a clean work area, and a bike.Ella Leoncio

11. A desk with great artwork overhead

A closet has a yellow file cabinet and pink pillows next to it.Dans le Lakehouse

12. A closet that was converted into an office nook

A black wall with som ewhite designs, a computer on a desk in between a bowl of golf balls and a white plant.Casa Haus

13. A dramatic, mostly black, workspace

"Laddy sitting on stool with a laptop in crafting room."Rachel Castle

14. A large, artsy workspace filled with color

A colorful room has a big yellow door.Kim A. Thomas

15. A quirky ship-themed workspace

A room has a potted plant on a white floor shelf.Ben Clement

16. A workspace with plenty of storage and inspiration

A red, pink and white cabinet in a home office with a white table and two ferns.Jessie Webster

17. A workspace, practically in the rafters, with pops of color 

What inspires you most about a workspace? Organization, style, furniture? Or something else?

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