Roundup: 12 DIY Ways to Keep your Office Organized

Roundup: 12 DIY Ways to Keep your Office Organized

The struggle to keep your office organized can feel like a real chore. Paperwork piles up, pens and pencils are nowhere to be found when you need them, etc. With some easy DIY solutions, though, you can get your office organized over the weekend, or even in an afternoon. All you need are a few clever organization ideas to get you get started and I have that part covered. Here are 12 DIY ways to get your office organized and keep it that way.    

1. It seemed appropriate to start this roundup with a DIY desk idea, that has plenty of compartments to clean up your space and keep things nice and neat.

2. Keep small items, like pencil cups, etc in this DIY desk tray.

3. Store paperwork vertically in these DIY wall storage bins made of recycled materials. This will help remove desk clutter. *The tutorial is not in English, but the pictures are enough to figure it out.

4. Install pegboard, like Studio Swine did, to get items off of your desk and always visible.

5. Or create a hanging fabric wall pocket system like this one, from Design Sponge.

6. Reuse scrap cardboard for storing notepads and other items you want to be able to access easily, on Design for Mankind.

7. Create a cork board in any shape for hanging notes and important papers.

8. Dress up basic office supplies for paperwork, mail, and pens with this cross stitch office idea.

9. Hang inspirational items and notes from these DIY gold acrylic clipboards.

10. Keep paperclips and push pins handy with these magnetic DIY desk accessories.

11. Or store office and craft supplies in larger quantities in this triangular wall caddy from Brit + Co.

12. Lastly, always know where your pens, pencils, and scissors are by keeping them in plain sight with this leather wrapped pencil caddy.

What are your best tips for staying organized when it comes to your office? Share your tips in the comments section below.

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