Roundup: 22 DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas that Your Dad will Love

Roundup: 22 DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas that Your Dad will Love

When Father's Day rolls around, Dads can be hard to buy for, and even more difficult to create a DIY gift for. This year, I have you covered though, with a list of 22 DIY gift ideas for dear old Dad. Whether your father is interested in golf, technology, music, the outdoors, or even beer, there is something on this DIY gift list for pretty much every Dad in the book.    


1. Make a DIY dartboard for Dad.

2. Create a DIY wooden cell phone stand for Dad.

3. Make a Father's Day garland with hardware store letters.

4. Create a DIY driftwood wall hanger for Dad'd who love the outdoors.

5. Stamp some leather bar tags and buy a nice bottle of whiskey for Dad.

6. Create a unique beer tap handle for dads with their own kegs.

7. Make cashew bacon brittle for Dad.

8. Gift wrap Dad's gift with this free printable gift wrap.

9. Make a leather stamped suitcase tag for the Dad that travels a lot.

10. Have the kids create a cute bow tie Father's Day card.

11. Etch glasses inspired by Eames for the dads that love design.

12. Create a table with it's own beer cooler.

13. Make a set of speakers for Dads that love to listen to music.

14. Give Dad a DIY cord roll to wrangle all of his cords.

15. Hand paint a custom design on a plain tie.

16. Make your own salsa, with free printable labels.

17. Make a bolo tie for fashion forward Dads.

18. Wood coasters for rustic Dads.

19. Add these Father's Day printables to beer, donuts, and popcorn containers for Dad.

20. Get to Dad's heart through his stomach with these whiskey chocolate cupcakes.

21. Paint some custom golf tees for any Dads that love golf.

22. Whip up a hair pomade for Dad.

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