Eye Candy: 15 Amazing Backyards to Get You Inspired this Summer

Eye Candy: 15 Amazing Backyards to Get You Inspired this Summer

June and July are pretty popular months for taking the party outdoors and enjoying the weather with a barbecue. Unfortunately, many backyards are in need of a little TLC before you start inviting friends over though. So, if your backyard is in need of a rescue before July 4th comes around, I have a roundup of backyard eye candy that will be the perfect inspiration for your outdoor oasis. Here are 15 amazing backyards to check out before you tackle this summer's outdoor rehab.    


1. A minimal, mid-century oasis

2. A cool pool and pool house

3. A great place to sit by the fire

4. An amazing pool with an underwater view

5. Gorgeous landscaping

6. A colorful pool deck

7. A backyard inspired by nature, with loads of bohemian style

8. An amazing mid-century outdoor living area

9. A fun pathway to a pool flanked with foliage

10. A large deck with an incredible view

11. An urban jungle backyard

12. A cozy, modern place to sit and have dinner outdoors

13. A backyard that is all about the pool

14. A place to sit amongst nature

15. A mid-century place to sip cocktails after dark

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