Make It: Geometric Painted Rug

DIY Geometric IKEA Rug
Photo: Sally MacNicholas

No nursery is complete without a rug. While planning out the nursery, I knew that I wanted something to match the geometric vibe of the room, without being over-the-top. Not being able to find one I liked, I was thrilled when I happened upon some upholstery fabric at a fabric store in Idaho. I originally planned to use the fabric for one of the crib's throw pillows, and the pattern was simple enough to recreate as a rug!      


DIY geometric rug
Photo: Lexy Ward

I searched high and low for a cheap rug to purchase. I didn't want something that cost a lot as I was just going to be painting over it. Enter: IKEA. The Osted rug wasn't my first choice, but it was affordable and soft enough!

DIy Geometric Painted Rug
Photo: Lexy Ward


  • Rug
  • Latex Paint
  • Large Paint Roller & Foam
  • Small Paint Roller & Foam
  • Painter's Tape or Duct Tape
  • Accent Paint Colors (Navy & Gold to match pillow design)
  • Paint Stick
  • Measuring Tape
  • Sponge & Scissors (not pictured)

DIy Painted Geometric IKEA Rug
Photo: Lexy Ward

Step 1. Tape down the edges of your rug. Press firmly to keep paint from seeping through to the rug's border.

Step 2. Paint that rug white! This rug needed three coats before the white was no longer transparent.

Step 3. After the white layers have dried, measure to the center of the rug and tape two strips across the width of the rug. Measure several times to make sure the stripe will be centered!

Step 4. Paint the stripe gold. I used Martha's metallic gold finish (found at my local Home Depot). Two coats was perfect!

Step 5. Remove the center strips of tape before the paint dries. 

Step 6. Cut a triangle shape from the sponge and press firmly into your second accent color. Firmly press the sponge triangle onto the rug. Hold for 5-10 seconds making sure to press firmly across the entire surface of the sponge. Gently lift up and repeat vertically on the outside of the gold stripe.

Step 7. Wait 24 hours for rug to completely dry and then roll over it with a sander and the finest grit sandpaper. 220 grit was perfect. This helps soften up the paint a little and also smooths and distressed the rug's surface.

DIY Geometric Painted Rug
Photo: Lexy Ward

Step 8. Admire! 

Step 9 (optional). Share this project on Pinterest!

DIY Geometric Painted Woven Rug


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