Roundup: 14 DIY Textile Ideas for Your Next Craft Project

Roundup: 14 DIY Textile Ideas for Your Next Craft Project

After yesterday's post from Faith, Tips For Adding Textiles To Your Home, it seemed appropriate to put together a list of DIY ways to embellish textiles. Whether you're tackling a sewing project, upholstery DIY, or some other project that involves fabric, this roundup of DIY textiles is a good place to start for inspiration.    

Customize any fabric project with these 14 DIY ideas, from sharpies and rubbing alcohol to monoprinting and stenciling. You're bound to find something that you like. 

1. Shibori dyeing with indigo

2. Colorful geometric textiles with Sharpies

3. DIY monoprint fabric

4. Stamped fabric with potatoes

5. Hand painted linens

6. Marbled fabric DIY

7. Hand painted phrases on fabric

8. Screen printed fabric DIY

9. Stenciled fabric DIY

10. Painted leaves printed fabric and other techniques

11. DIY stamp and fabric stamping technique

12. Natural dyeing technique with bougainvillea

13. Making fabric prints with tape

14. Wax resist DIY idea

Know of any other DIY ways to alter textiles? Share them in the comments below.

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Lauren on May 19, 2014:

Screen printing using freezer paper is so much easier than the technique shown above!

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