Roundup: 12 Amazing Chair Upholstery Makeovers

Roundup: 12 Amazing Chair Upholstery Makeovers

We can all slap a coat of paint on a piece of furniture or two and call it a makeover. When fabric and upholstery are involved, however, it's a bit more complex than a can of spray paint and some sandpaper. Luckily though, there are bunch of great DIY tutorials and before and after photos out there to help you get the job done. So, here are 12 amazing chair upholstery makeovers to inspire your next project.    

1. A punch of pattern for this mid century rocking chair

2. A denim lounge chair revamp

3. A cool dining room chair makeover

4. A big change to this upholstered chair, including hand stamped fabric

5. A hand crocheted new seat for this bright yellow chair

6. Try an antique vibe for this chair makeover

7. A beautiful plush chair makeover

8. A multi fabric upholstery makeover

9. How to upholster an orb chair

10. Goodbye plaid, with this chair DIY

11. An old thrift store find gets new life

12. A dingy office chair gets a new look

Which one is your favorite? Share yours in the comments below.

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