Eye Candy: 10 Amazing Hand-Painted Walls

10 unbelievable hand-painted walls.

When I think of wall treatments, wallpaper usually comes to mind. Or paint. But sometimes I forget that you can paint a wall to actually look like wallpaper. Here are some unbelievable examples of hand-painted walls. You'll be inspired, I promise!   


Creative hand-painted walls.

1. This creative homeowner has painted her bedroom walls to resemble cross stitching. Word is that she's developing a kit so others can recreate this look. Head over here for more info. [Photo: Apartment Therapy]

2. I'm loving this graphic print... you can learn how to do this one here. [Photo: LilikoiJoy]

DIY painted walls.

3. This large scale chevron pattern looks great with multiple colors. [Photo: Grey Likes Baby]

4. Can you believe that this one is hand-painted? Ava Roth certainly is a talented woman. [Photo: Brenda Liu]

5. This pretty Moroccan style pattern was done using a stencil. [Photo: How To Nest For Less]

Creative hand-painted walls using argyle and triangles.

6. Triangles have been popular lately... they look lovely here in different shades of gray. [Photo: Idee Creative]

7. An argyle wall... how clever! The large scale pattern makes it really quite unusual. [Photo: Anita Roll]

Hand-painted wall techniques and inspiration.

8. I'm noticing a trend here, with all of these textile-inspired wall patterns. Find out how to create your own gingham wall here. [Photo: Southern Living]

9. Metallic paint gives this retro design a fun pop. [Photo: Retro Renovation]

10. Owner Katie Stratton couldn't find the perfect wallpaper... so she painted her own! Amazing. [Photo: Pencil Box]


If you found this interesting, check out this post for ideas on DIY floor tile painting here.



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Fruit Farmer on Feb 10, 2021:

Stenciled our main room ceiling - we live in Hawaii - and it looks like we are in a thatched hut.

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