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How to: Make the Perfect DIY Housewarming Basket

by on Apr 21, 2014

Whether having a baby, getting married, or moving to a new house, transitional periods of life are a perfect time to give a thoughtful gift to friends and family. It’s a simple act of love that can significantly impact the recipients. It might just be a few little household items, but they are household items that come with an intrinsic value deeper than kitchen towels or recipe cards., because it comes from a place of thoughtfulness and care. And in the end, that’s what the receiving party will remember.   Several cloths are tied together next to a book named “Darling.”

The options are endless for items to include in your basket. Here, I included:

  • Kitchen towels from Anthropologie,
  • My favorite magazine,
  • Greenery (this succulent party favor also makes a great housewarming gift!),
  • Recipe cards from Rifle Paper Co.,
  • a bottle of wine

Wine sits near a planted succulent.I don’t know about you, but after packing, moving, and unpacking boxes, all I want to do is prop my feet up and sit with a glass of wine. Your friends will certainly appreciate the gesture in this gift!

A magazine cover lying near a postcard and a vase.Some other items you can consider including in your basket might be: a candle, a cook book, measuring cups, a bottle opener, or flowers. 

Wine and other items are arranged in a basket.To assemble your basket:

1. Collect a cute wicker basket and some lace material. Line the inside of the basket with the lace, letting some of the material hang off the sides.

2. Put the largest items in first. For this basket, the magazine was the biggest, so I put it in first and built the basket with the magazine as the base.

3. Choose the second largest items to assemble next. The kitchen towels and bottle of wine fit perfectly up against the magazine. 

4. Finalize the basket by dropping in the recipe cards and the succulent.

Your friends will not only be impressed with the items, but they will be impressed with the look as well. Enjoy!


Lauren Foster is the founder and editor of LoveLola. On on any given day, you’ll find her cooking, thrifting, and dreaming of life in the city. She’s constantly seeking out adventure, embracing every moment of this beautiful life.  Stay in touch: 
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