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Inspired by Spring: Easy DIY Tea Cup Planter Party Favors

by on Apr 9, 2014

Whether you are throwing a spring brunch, bridal shower, or birthday party, these little succulents are the perfect party favor. With the weather changing, I love to bring in more plants and greenery to my home. It really brightens up a space and brings life to a room.   "Pot Plants using Tea Cups Looks Attractive"

Indoor plants in tea cups.Materials:

  • succulent plants
  • tea cups
  • soil for succulents and cacti
  • blank name tags
  • rustic twine
  • pen or marker
  • scissors

"Tea cup plant in white surface."To make:

1. Start by writing the names of your guest on each name tag.

2. Take each succulent out of their original containers and plant in the tea cup by simply adding some additional soil to fill out the tea cup.

2. Once the succulents are assembled, cut a piece of twine and tie it around the name tag.

3. Next, tie a bow around the handle of the tea cup with the twine that is attached to each name tag. 

4. Finally, use each tea cup planter as a place setting for each guest."Tea cup planter with message."

Not only does using these favors as a pace setting provide a seating chart, but it also personalizes the party for each guest. Whether it’s a large or small gathering, by having a set space for each guest it will make the event more intimate and allow the guests to feel more connected. Not to mention, it certainly adds to the decor.

A few planter party tea cup"Tea cup planter with message."

These party favors take little time and little effort, but make a huge statement. Enjoy!

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