Roundup: 10 Affordable & Awesome Do-It-Yourself Window Treatments

10 diy window treatments

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. And that can be the case when it comes to window treatments. If you can't find the perfect curtain, rod, or shade, make it! We've rounded up ten window treatments that you can create yourself!      


diy confetti drapes

Have a party in the bedroom with confetti drapes

no-sew roman shades

Use old blinds to make roman shades! No sewing required! 

tea towel window treatments

Use tea towels to cover up small windows in the kitchen! 

map as roman shade

Take an old map and turn it into a roman shade! 

wallpaper window shade

Cover your window shades with patterned wallpaper

fabric covered roller shades

It doesn't get easier than these fabric-covered roller shades

painted drop cloth curtains

Paint drop cloths from your local hardware store and hang them as curtains! 

tree branch curtain rod

Replace your curtain rod with a decorative tree branch

custom curtain rod from hardware store

Create a custom curtain rod to fit any window

painted window film

Want to get really creative? You can always paint your windows

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Dee on Aug 04, 2015:

hi there how to you prepare the branch curtain rod. do you let it dry out to get rid of the creepy crawlies then undercoat and paint? thanks!

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