10 Stylish DIY Jewelry Storage Ideas

Hanger with hooks for jewelry.

I love to buy jewelry. I love to make jewelry. I love everything about it, except for the difficulty I have storing it. And I'm sure some of you have the same problem. So today I'm going to share some clever (and super stylish) DIY jewelry storage ideas with you.   


Creative ways to store jewelry.

1. Find out how to make one of these pretty wall-mounted jewelry hangers here. [Photo: Tessa Neaustadt]

2. Driftwood is another great material to use... check out the tutorial for this colorful project here. [Photo: Lovely Indeed]

Creative jewelry storage ideas.

3. Continuing with the painted driftwood theme, this variation is larger and allows for more storage. Find the tutorial for this one here. [Photo: Rebecca's DIY

4. If vintage dishes are more your style, then you'll definitely want to check out this one. [Photo: Style Within Reach]

5. I love the execution here... using all white really makes the jewelry pop. Here's the full tutorial. [Photo: You Want Me To Buy That?]

DIY wooden jewelry storage.

6. This wooden organizer is perfect for larger accessories like statement necklaces and bangles. Here are the directions. [Photo: Chris Gardner]

7. Another clever idea... turn a cup rack into a jewelry tree. Find out more here. [Photo: Mod Podge Rocks

DIY jewelry storage ideas.

8. I've raved about pegboards before, so this idea makes me really happy. Find out how to make your own here. [Photo: The 36th Avenue]

9. This cute little gilded jewelry dish reminds me of this one from Anthropology... but it costs less! Learn how to make one here. [Photo: Delightfully DIY]

10. This idea is very versatile... you can hang one on your wall, or make a few and store them in the closet. Here's how you do it. [Photo: Morning Creativity]

How about you guys? Does anyone have other fun jewelry storage ideas? If so, feel free to share them in the comments section below! 

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Beads Gone Wild on Apr 17, 2015:

Such a wonderful jewellery ideas I found here, post like this make online reading interesting and knowledgeable.it is going to help me manage my jewellery well.

Lee on Apr 07, 2014:

I especially like the hanger.  Having been the victim of several burglaries, it's nice to be able to put a lightweight shirt over the hanger and hide the jewelry. It's not as obvious as some of the other jewelry that have a hook that is different than the rest of the hangers.  Thanks for the idea.

faith-towers on Mar 24, 2014:

That's fantastic Kerry, I love how you've customized it for your own needs... very creative!

faith-towers on Mar 18, 2014:

Great idea @SWWU! I love the vintage look...

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